Rooftop Wedding

I recently had the pleasure of working a wedding on our rooftop terrace for a bride with excellent taste. It was one of those weddings that I could not stop taking photos of, as seen by my Instagram that evening. The bride had excellent taste in vendors, bringing in some of the best in the business (and our personal favorite to work with at the museum) including John Michael catering, Our DJ Rocks, Imprint Cinema, American Furniture Rental, Lee Forrest Floral Design, and Letz Dance On It. 
The average work day of a wedding coordinator begins in the afternoon with printing diagrams, looking over the production schedule, prepping the space like unlocking the kitchen galley, tidying the bridal suite, checking emails for any last minute updates to the timeline, and other preparatory tasks. Then, the setup crew arrives and we oversee them. During that time, vendors begin arriving and we'll greet them, answer any of their questions, show them anything that they might need. During all of this, we are communicating with our exhibits department to put away certain pieces, we're communicating with housekeeping to clean any messy areas from the day of museum guests, and we're communicating with the house manager for unlocking any closets we may need like electrical to alter lights. The hours of setup and breakdown seem to fly by in the matter of an instant with how much we take care of.
As I attempt to write down a list of all of our wedding responsibilities, I realize how endless the list is! Each wedding is different so there are a myriad of specific details for each particular wedding to keep in mind. Once setup is nearly complete, the wedding ceremony is close to beginning, and then we coordinate that. We time the walking and the music with the DJ or ceremony musician, we cue the wedding party when to go, we  excitedly take pictures of the lovely couple, then we alert the vendors that the ceremony is over and that guests will be arriving for cocktail hour shortly. 
Our night of coordinating does have a small lull, this is the time that we eat after all of the guests have eaten. This is also the time that I hover the vendors to make sure they are okay, as well as to just have fun with them. We Instagram, tweet, and now Vine during this time - showing off our beautiful weddings. After the send-off of the bride and groom, the less glamorous part comes of breakdown. But, everyone wants to get out of the building and go home so it's never too long or drawn out. It's remarkable how we have to breakdown everything completely and in the matter of one hour, the museum goes back to looking like a party never happened.
This weekend we are taking a little trip to the beach and even if it rains all weekend, I am so looking forward to a bit of a break. I think we're going to try to make it a technology-free weekend. I'm looking forward to. After that, we are hoping to get back into a routine. Ever since our own wedding there has been a lot to accomplish so we haven't been cooking like we normally do and we've been eating out much more often than normal. We want to get back into our routine of healthy eating, cooking dinner every night, and buying fresh produce for the week. After we get back from this weekend trip, I hope that it will be the refresh button that we need.


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  1. Beautiful and classy, I love it.

  2. I've always fantasized about a rooftop wedding. I imagine a spacious, elegant rooftop with a great view. Not sure if a rooftop wedding that will ever be a reality for me, but it's nice to dream!

  3. Such a gorgeous wedding! What a dream!

  4. what a beautiful wedding! my favorite time working weddings is getting to eat and mingle around, taking photos :) and i agree, it's so crazy how the space can be transformed back to normal so quickly! except once....we had 3 different, very very drunk people lose their phones--and all of them were from out of town. took us almost another hour to locate the phones and send them home safely haha!

    i hope you guys get some beautiful weather this weekend at the beach. it's E's birthday this weekend, so we might be planning a similar excursion :)


  5. A technology-free weekend sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I could use one of those, unfortunately this weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. Sigh.I can't imagine having to tend to all those little details on a wedding day. Not that I'm anywhere near the point where I need to feel overwhelmed, but it's been helpful to remind myself that I'm not the first person to ever get married. THe majority of weddings go off without a hitch, so I shouldn't sweat it. Especially since it's so far from now!

  6. This is so pretty! The bride does have great taste. I love how minimalistic and elegant it looks!

  7. oh that looks absolutely fabulous! everything is so beautiful and classy!

  8. what a beautiful event and so much work! but i am sure after so many times you just get into the flow (not that that makes is less work, but probably a little less stressful than i am imagining).

    as soon as i am able which might not be any time soon, i am going to unplug for a weekend. i have thought about actually unplugging everything and having a weekend where we use no energy at all. i think it sounds fun but i am not sure i'd last ;) enjoy your getaway!

  9. THat looks like it was an amazing opportunity and what a beautiful wedding indeed!

  10. it looks like such a gorgeous, classy event! i love that there's a couch there too. : )

    & after all that, a technology-free weekend sounds just marvelous. i always, always feel that way after shooting a wedding too. on top of just being physically exhausted, it's nice to put down iphones & turn off tvs and just be.

    p.s. i left a response in the comment thread under my memorial day photos to tell ya what photo equipment i use. but i haven't yet mastered how to notify you of the response!

  11. i love a rooftop wedding especially when the sun is setting. it is so picturesque! i love the decorations

  12. what a beautiful spot to get married!!

  13. Looks gorgeous. I especially like the centerpieces. Simply elegant.


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