Our Fair City: Ivanhoe Village Walk

Recently, at the suggestion of The Orlandoan, we decided to check out the local area of Ivanhoe Row and it's Friday night event, Virginia Street Live. Ivanhoe Row is known for it's antique shops, small cafes, and even one of my favorite bars that poses as an antique shop by day.  
We strolled around Virginia St, taking turns down roads we've never been on before. Virginia backs up onto a lake and across that lake is where we hold wedding ceremonies at the museum. It's humbling to see it from the other side. 
Among the event there were food trucks, arts and crafts vendors, a wine walk, and a beer garden. The beer garden had a live DJ outdoors spinning music on the lawn. In this area there is this rustic structure that resembles a tree and held lit lanterns. It made the space kind of magical the darker the evening became. 
Even though the evenings are still warm, it was nice walk around with the sun setting, with the rest of the community, with nothing to rush to. We casually walked and I ended up breaking one of my new sandals on the uneven stone sidewalks, but it was nothing that super glue (and a glazed doughnut) couldn't fix. 
I've been working at the museum a lot in the office, as well as last weekend for a really fun wedding. The guests drank a lot, a sign of a fun group of people. It was one of the weddings in which we had tons of cars left over in the garage overnight - people carpooling home safely or grabbing taxis. With summer, tons of my friends are finally finding the time to go out, even on week nights. There was last week where we were home only one night together, the rest of the week I was out with friends or out with S. What else is summer for if not week night outings?


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  1. Wow! How magical! Thank you so much for sharing! xoxo

  2. I love the candles hanging on the trees!

  3. the lantern tree is awesome! sorry about your sandal--but a glazed doughnut definitely makes up for it ;) this is what summer is all about, evenings out exploring (even though you're right, it's a bit on the hotter side for us Floridians).

  4. honestly my perception of florida is so vastly different now after reading your blog for the last year. not that it was bad before (okay well there has been some bad press for FL over the last years), but besides that i always pictured it so much more bold, probably had the miami version in my mind. i like that version too, but i really love the quiet southern/country community version you have given me. these photos are so pretty!

  5. I love your photos! They look amazing! and I love the lights on the trees! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  6. How have I not heard of The Orlandoan? Thanks for linking! These pictures are gorgeous! I'm definitely adding Ivanhoe Village to my Orlando to-do list.

  7. That first photo is STUNNING! And yes, a glazed doughnut instantly makes things better (I'm partial to Krispy Kreme's).

  8. Wow, these photos are amazing! That wedding sounds so fun... glad everyone got home responsibly!

  9. We just got around to reading this post -- BEAUTIFUL photos and thanks for the mention :-D Love your blog! You really make Orlando look amazing--how long have you been taking pictures?


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