Our Fair City: Brew School

I have so many things to update you on, starting with this new series. But before we get there, I want to update you on school. No, not college, I am officially done with college! Instead, I went to a beer school. 

My new series is called Our Fair City, a la NPR's Car Talk. When Car Talk used to air they had this riddle every episode, a sort of problem solver that they called a Puzzler. Whenever they told you the address to mail your answer to, they always said, "Cambridge - our fair city - MA, 02238..." I have fond memories of driving around my own fair city, listening to Car Talk, exploring my town. 
I went to this brew school to taste some beers with my co-workers. It was a lovely night of laughs and good drinks and exploring new places. The place is called Taps From Scratch and they brew a couple of different kinds of beer on-site. My favorite was a few of the blends which they share with you that others have experimented with. The place is set up like a house, with a room for a band and multiple rooms set up for lounge areas with refrigerated brews in the hallways. My boss joked that it was so relaxed that it felt like we were in a house party and that they police were going to come in to shut the party down at any moment. They never did and we enjoyed our beer all night. 
My boss and I have small beer kits and we want to go back over the summer together to learn how to use them! Not sure if we ever will get to it - but we've both have had good intentions for a while now. I have had so many plans for the summer and so far I have conquered most of them - like volunteering for two events, one being the Florida Blogger Conference. I've even started planning a mini-honeymoon for us before we take our big honeymoon to Buenos Aires + Mendoza. So far, a productive summer, I just hope I don't let the entire summer slip away from me. 


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  1. A good friend of mine brews his own beer, and it's fantastic. He's so into home-brewing that they know him by name at the local home-brew supply store. He's even volunteered to make a batch specifically for our wedding, which is just the nicest personal touch. Can't wait to see more from this series!

  2. Amazing pics! Nice post:)


  3. A neat place--and such a cool idea! You and your boss should definitely go back and learn. I would love to learn how to brew beer! I've always wanted to get one of those little kits...but I'm too nervous because my kitchen skills are not up to par so I'm not sure how brewing would go haha....happy Monday!


  4. What fun! This is totally one of the downsides of working for oneself... who can I go do cool things like this with?

    My husband and I were just talking about how we're not real beer aficionados, but that we like beer and there are all sorts of neat local beers and bars designed specifically *for* beer popping up in my own fair city (love Car Talk, BTW!). This can only be a good thing, right?

  5. portland is know for its beers (there is a brewery on just about every corner and several home-brew shops) but alas i have never been a beer drinker because it made feel so terrible (now i know why). we do have lots of gluten-free beers but i just never acquired a taste for it. wine, however, that i have definitely acquired a taste for ; ) sounds like a lot of fun though, i bet you could come up with some really lovely creations with your skills!

  6. Well, you have to have a few lazy days in the Summer- that's mandatory isn't it??

  7. How fun! My husband is a homebrewer. :)


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