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I'd like to start off by simply saying, yes. I was so happy with the stream of events on Wednesday about DOMA, so happy for this country to take a step in the right direction. Someone on my Twitter feed said it perfectly, now the prejudice are in the minority. I was never one who was all about Twitter, but in moments like these, I feel like Twitter is having a party and every tweet is more celebratory than the next. 
Recently S stopped by Whole Foods to bring us cheese to eat for dinner with fresh French bread and assorted crackers. With it, he also brought a small bouquet of red peonies. I've never seen red peonies before, only blush and pink ones. These red ones were really interesting because a few days after being placed in a mason jar, it started to slowly lose it's insides.
It sounds really dramatic, but it wasn't really. I'd come home from the museum to find petals spilling off the coffee table to the carpet. Sometimes I would be sitting on the couch with my morning coffee and the petals would fall right before me from their stems. It was slow and deliberate, almost like there was a creature rustling inside of the flowers. Has this happened to anyone else's peonies? It has never happened to my pink peonies and it was quite a show. 
Not too long ago we had a lazy weekends. Like I said previously, our week nights have been packed with social get-togethers and our weekends are time for us to relax and enjoy our time together at home. We got bagels from New York City and decided to treat them right with eggs, butter, and lavender champagne. Champagne before noon on weekends is one of my favorite things. With weeks that fly by, it helps the weekend trickle a little slower. 
And of course, one of my other favorite weekend treats, waffles. Getting a waffle maker for the wedding was one of the best things ever. So was the blender, the juicer, the coffee machine, the cheeseboards, and all our other favorite things. Nothing beats frozen homemade waffles and an endless cup of NYC coffee at home.
I recently purchased a new lens for my camera. Every since I first got my camera, I knew I wanted to upgrade the lens. The first camera I ever learned on was a film Minolta SLR x-700 and I had a 50 mm lens for it. I always admired Bridget's photographs and she uses a 50 mm lens. It was proof that I was lusting after a prime lens. 
All of the photos in this post were taken with my new lens, and most likely all of the posts to come with have this lens too. I'm really loving it's depth of field and how much control I have over the settings. I'll be visiting family and friends at home this weekend and playing with my new camera lens. Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. I adore your photos and the insight into your world. I am dreaming of my own waffle maker one day! Yum!! Congrats on the new lens!!

  2. Oh wow those peonies are just wild looking, aren't they? I know the first thing on my love's list to buy for our apartment is a waffle maker. He's obsessed with waffles! Ha :) Hope you have an awesome weekend, pretty lady!
    xo Heather

  3. I don't use my waffle maker enough. Here's to dragging it out this weekend!!!

  4. ooh nice lens! i got a 35mm when i got my new camera and i just keep it on there all the time. i seem to always find red peonies and my peonies always make quite the show when they are dying. they're just so dramatic those peonies.

  5. Whoops, signed in with the wrong account. Anyways, yay for new lenses. The 50mm is my favorite focal length on full frames.

  6. I think I missed this post the first time it came through my feed. I have been dying to get a new lens for my camera... actually a need a new camera, period. I love your photos! The dark red peonies are beautiful!

  7. Lovely photos.
    Now I want some bagels from New York. I miss them so much!

  8. Lovely photos! I made waffles this Friday and froze them for the first time. It made me think of you :) I've had the same trouble with peonies but it's always quite beautiful to come home to a table full of petals.


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