Le Sigh.. The Weekend

The weekend begins tomorrow and I just have to say, yay! After our trip last weekend, I am still in vacation mode. Summer vacation mode to me is wanting a perspiring drink in my hand at all times, sunglasses on, magazines laying around, and eating whatever I want. Like those beignets up there. There's a cajun place not too far from our house and my museum. They serve beignets and Cafe du Monde coffee. This means that I can continue to drink my own CDM coffee that I brought back from New Orleans instead of drinking it sparingly because now I have a place to buy it from!
Anyway, with the weekend ahead, my minds a little lazy. Here are some of my favorite links from the past few weeks that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.
1 // This is my new iPhone case that my friend designed! I ordered it from his Society6 which has prints, shirts, and even tote bags. Have you seen this whale in a jar? Come on. Want. This is my friend who designed our wedding invitations as well as my personal business cards! 
2 // The event planner in me is loving the trend of all-appetizer menus at events. We've had events recently with choices such as chicken and waffles as a butler passed hors d'oeuvres. It's a shame I only learned about that one after our own wedding.
3 // I adore Rebecca's floral photography. My friend just got back from studying abroad in France (amazing, no?) and we've been saying for years that we will take a local flower arranging class together. This post makes me want to take one now!
4 // Hannah posted how to make honeysuckle syrup and it seriously gave me deja vu. Growing up in New York, we had a honeysuckle bush on the side of our house. Coming home from school I would smell it, playing on weekends I would smell it, and in spring and summer when the honeysuckles were in full bloom, I'd  pick them and lick the sweetness right off of the petals. It's remarkable how one scent and taste can bring me back so vividly to a place that normally feels like a different lifetime.
5 // Lastly, one of my favorite bloggers that guest posted for me while I was off getting married, and gifted us this beautiful customized pillow, has worked so hard these last few months to open up her own shop and has a sale on Fab.com! There's only one more day left of the sale so be sure to check it out before it's too late!


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  1. I know what you mean! It's been a week already and I'm still feeling like I'm on vacation mode. I do love the trend of all appetizer menus for events. It just makes options easier, avoids food waste, and helps complements everyone's dietary preferences. Hope you have a great weekend! I definitely need a WP restaurant recommendation list. I'm always looking to try new foods!

  2. Seriously, love that pillow! So cute!!! love Katie

  3. I think I just died over that Whale in a Jar print. SO cute. *Sigh* Some day I will eat beignets in Cafe du Monde. Have a beautiful weekend :D

  4. thanks yelle! you are the bestest <3 . . .and you always make me hungry! today is fisher's last day of school (his last day of his first year of high school!) all week i kept thinking it was friday and it finally is, ya hoo. i think i am beyond ready for the lazier days of summer. have a great weekend friend xoxo

  5. Ok, where do you live? And I'm hoping you are going to say Canada, or somewhere close in the vicinity, because beignets are vital to my health. Cafe Du Monde is literally the greatest thing to happen to this planet, and I dream all night of indulging myself in those sugary delights!!

    Love your blog, btw!!


  6. Chicken and waffles at a wedding?? Yes please! It's not true what they say, that brides and grooms never actually get to eat the food at their wedding, right? I hope not. I fully plan on eating, especially if we have waffles. Okay, now I want breakfast themed catering. Enjoy whatever semblance of a summer break you can get! I bet there is plenty of sun to soak up in Florida. xo

  7. New Orleans is my absolute most favorite place in the world! My boyfriend lives in Baton Rouge, & there is a place called Coffee Call that we always go to that serves beignets instead of donuts. I adore it!

  8. i love the idea of having an all-appetizer menu; i think it allows for more variety and it's just fun! your iphone case is awesome. and ahhh, honeysuckle....the scent transports me back to childhood summers :) it's so nostalgic.


  9. woaaah, your friend's got talent! i love that whale in a jar print, so so cute! and you just went to New Orleans?! that sounds wonderful, i've always wanted to check it out. It's a good thing you found a cafe with coffee from there- you can pretend you're on vacation for at least 5 minutes a day that way, right? ;)

    xo Marlen
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  10. definitely loving that phone cover!


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