From Our Travels: Beach Weekend Film

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead of them! I actually have a wedding this weekend so I won't be around too much. But, I've got a little film for you that is just simple clips from our beach weekend trip. Notice the little clams that burrow into the sand? I found them fascinating and I could watch them all day.


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  1. Looks like you had a splendid weekend at the beach. What beach was it? I wanna go.

  2. This video is beautiful, it made me feel like I was there! Looooove that you used a Lykke Li song. Perfection. Your comment on my blog was so so sweet, thanks for visiting Infinite Style! Also, you are an event coordinator! Eee my dream job!

    Juliette Laura

  3. What a cute way to capture a memory :)

  4. Beautiful video :D I love your swim suit! What were you using to capture this? Did you use a phone or a camera? I used to take so many videos with my phone but then it broke. This made me want to get a new one with video taping capabilities... Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. i love this video. you are so talented! i wish we lived closer so that i could get a lesson from you ;) i really need to make a few videos of my boys. but i once made a video for a tutorial and it took me days and days. i think i actually cried. but one of these days i am going to have to give it another go. you as inspiring me (as usual). xo

  6. i love watching the clams too :) you guys are so cute! the music you used is great and the sunrise you captured is beautiful. sunrises over the ocean are one of my favorite things. E and i have a goal to someday drive out to Florida's east coast to watch the sunrise over the ocean, then spend the whole day road-tripping back to the gulf to watch it set over the ocean :)

  7. too cute! so impressed with these sweet videos you make, i wouldn't even know where to start :)


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