The Rainy Morning of Our Wedding

The weeks have settled down a bit and we've taken the weekend to do nothing (the advice of my boss). And nothing we did. We saw a The Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3 and drank mimosas all day on Saturday. I can't wait to write all of the details about the wedding itself. It's so surreal to see everything we've planned and hoped for come to life. It all seems like a hazy dream now, as if I'm still looking forward to it. Except now I'm looking fondly back to it. I hear that every time you recall a memory, it fades a little more each time. So I'm trying not to recall these memories all just yet.
I started my day in the hotel room with my maid of honor and a complimentary cup of coffee, orange juice, and muffins brought up to the hotel room. We enjoyed nibbling chunks off of the muffins while mostly sipping on coffee on the balcony as it rained. It was a misty kind of rain; the droplets so small it could have been snowing if it was colder. After my cup of coffee, we were ready to start the day with my aunts, my cousins, my mom, my mother in law, my grandmother, and my moms aunts too. We all went to the best breakfast place down the block from the hotel, within walking distance. We walked in the misty rain without umbrellas, hopeful that it would clear up. My maid of honor and I started early with blood orange mimosas to keep any nerves at bay, and it did. 
After breakfast we headed back to the room, all the while the sky was still misting on us, speckling my glasses. As soon as we walked back into the hotel room the phone rang - it was the front desk calling to let us know that the hairstylists arrived - we must have just missed them in the small lobby. We poured some mimosas for everybody that was there in glasses with everyone's names. My godmother is a calligraphist and so kindly scripted everyone's names on their own glass. Some saying Bride on one side and Danielle on the other, some just saying my aunts names and my grandmothers. 
Those who had to go to their hotel to get dressed got their hair and makeup done first, leaving me and my bridesmaids to go last since we had all of dresses in the suite which was only a block away from the venue, an old train depot. 
While everyone else got their hair and make up done, we played Sex and the City and then some music on Pandora. I used this time to take some photos like these and of the key ring. The room key came with a brass tag of the room number, and I added the giant engagement ring that my maid of honor gave me at my bridal shower. It was as if the ring key chain was made for the hotel room key.  
Sometime around 2 pm, I started having butterflies in my stomach and getting nerves. I was anxious to get started on my own hair and makeup, so I decided to take a breath on the balcony. I sat out on the balcony in the quiet, realizing that the sun had finally come out. Just in time for photos and for the wedding. I wasn't out there for more than 5 minutes when my hairstylist, my former boss, arrived to do my hair.
I still had nerves while sitting in the chair to get my hair done, but I felt more relaxed to hair my former boss there. I was working for her when I got engaged, and I worked for her for over 4 years so she had been there for most of our 6 year relationship. It was calming to talk to her, and it was eye-opening to think that the day was here that we talked about. It was hard to swallow. I tried to soak it all in in the moment, but I still feel that the entire wedding has only sunk in this past Saturday - a whole week later. 
My former boss did my curls perfectly and my gold headband sparkled like a halo. I then got my cat-eye and red lips done and was ready to put on my dress. Just as I took a breath, my photographer arrived to do some getting ready shots. We all dressed as quickly as possible. It felt a little hectic at that point, but my photographer assured me that it always is. 
These last three photos are of the next day, our first day as a married couple with our hotel robes on and breakfast on the suites balcony. 

I'm skipping the good stuff - everything from the group shots with my girls, to the ceremony, to the family photos, to the dances, to the food. Everything was perfect, all of my vendors were flawless, but I'll leave the details for the next post in which I share some quick photos that my photographer burned for me that night. The rest of the images will be coming in a few months, but I will share the quick pics in the meantime - in my next post.


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  1. I'm so excited to read all about your wedding! These pictures are wonderful :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these quieter moments of your wedding day, and for not leaving out how nervous and anxious you felt! I think that those butterflies are just as important to remember :).

    Also, totally unrelated, I love the new "you may also like" bar at the bottom of the post. How did you get it so that the titles are on top of the pictures? It looks so slick!

  3. I love your wine glasses! Ah, I cannot wait to hear more about your wedding :) from all the photos you shared while in the planning stage, I can only image how beautiful your wedding really was!

  4. Beautiful :) I can't wait to hear about the rest of your day! Glad you both are able to take some time and relax with just the two of you!

  5. All of these photos have such a relaxed vibe but that hint of anticipation is totally there. It seems you captured the moments perfectly. I can't wait to see your little mini view of your wedding! And I totally understand wanting to wait a little bit before you fully reflect. That actually makes a lot of sense.

    PS I agree with the comment about your "you may also like" bar; I have been admiring that lately :)

  6. I love this post with all of your feelings building up before the ceremony and I can't wait to see more pictures later! I'm sure it was stunning.

  7. Oh lovely. I think I have wedding fever and I've been married nearly 18 years! Don't worry, I'd do it all over again with the same groom! ;) It feels relaxed. Fluttery, but not stressed. And the light among those ferns is just amazing!

    Lauren @ still + life

  8. what a wonderful way to start your wedding day. i'm sure it was so nice being to able to share the time getting ready with so many close friends and family. your godmother did a great job on the glasses, they're so cute! and i love that you took your own pictures of all of this :) it will make it that much easier to hold on to all of the memories as you experienced them, not just from the photographer's point of view.


  9. Awww, already the beginning sounds great. Can't wait to hear/see more!

  10. This was so delightful and sweet!! I loved seeing a play-by-play from someone who just went through it (and survived!) . I love the shot of your NEW HUSBAND on the balcony drinking coffee. How touching! Your day sounds like it was just a fantastic whirlwind of being surrounded by people who love you. And the timeline sounds like it worked out perfectly, everything seems so well organized (a testament I'm sure to your event planning skills!). I only hope when my day comes it runs as smoothly and as sunnily as yours! Can't wait to hear more. xo

  11. congrats on your wedding Yelle! I saw your first post about it awhile back but my stupid ipad wouldn't let me comment so I gave up. Darn technology!

    you look so beautiful!


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