Splendid Opening Event

One of these past weekends, I was invited to the Splendid store opening in Orlando. I had never been to a Splendid before, but the shop was celebrating in style by having a card-making work shop and local stationary designer, Anna Rifle. 
I definitely had to go, and although I wasn't sure what to expect, I knew that it was going to be done well. The shop had fresh spring flowers, cupcakes for snacking, and washi tape for the cards. We made cards for two lovely ladies and they should be receiving them soon enough in the mail.
Speaking of beautiful flowers, last summer I really wanted to go to a flower arranging class and never had the chance. This summer my friend comes back from studying abroad and I think we'll make it our mission to take some classes together! Snipping and arranging fresh blooms seems like a really therapeutic process. I had a lot of fun arranging my simple lavender bouquets and the centerpieces for my rehearsal dinner too. I think it's a small hobby that I'd like to develop. 
The shop even had a calligrapher come in to address all of the cards for us! It was so lovely because we were able to pick our ink color and font and the calligrapher did it all on-site. That's a talent that I wish I had. 
Of course, you are all probably wondering how the wedding went and let me just tell you that it was so beautiful. Everything was exactly how I imagined it would be - except so much more real. It was such an indescribable feeling standing inside my reception hall before the ceremony. It was everything I dreamed up.


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  1. Splendid is in Orlando now? What! Will you come with me next time I'm in town? :) You're so lucky to have had the chance to go to the opening!

  2. I love Splendid! I bought some great tops from them at Barneys Coop a few weeks ago and they're quickly becoming my favorites. Any store opening that includes washi tape and a calligrapher is alright in my book :) Can't wait to hear more about the wedding!! xo

  3. This looks amazing! I have never been there before but now I need to find one to check out. I love how the store is decorated. xx. McKenna Lou

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  6. splendid . . . i have never heard of them. i am going to have to google & see if we have one here. i think one of my favorite things is walking into a florist or even just through the floral area in the store. i think learning to arrange flowers would be lovely too. the visual beauty and all that oxygen and the wonderful scents does sound really therapeutic - probably both mentally and physically. i think i would really love to learn calligraphy. i have been thinking about doing that a lot lately.

    can't wait to hear more about your wedding! i am so glad it was even more than you expected. xx

    1. eek, sorry about the duplicates! the page kept kicking me off when i pushed publish and so i kept having to refresh and rewrite. but apparently it was in fact posting them all. computers!

  7. What a great store. I too wish I knew how to do calligraphy by hand. Beautiful.

  8. Looks like such a fun event. I've also been interested in arranging flowers recently and my mom and I were talking about taking a class with a local florist! It seems so calming and rewarding. I am so happy that your wedding was everything you dreamed it to be and I can't wait to see more about it! <3

  9. this looks like so much fun! i love how colorful it is, and those little cupcakes are so dear! :) i wish i was talented at calligraphy too, it's just not my forte. my print handwriting is great though haha! i would LOVE to take flower arrangement classes; i often thought about having a flower shop or being a floral designer instead of event planning (the flowers are my favorite part!) but i'm sure it's a lot of hard work.

    so glad your wedding went beautifully! the pictures i've seen are lovely :) hope you're enjoying your first week as newlyweds!


  10. That looks like so much fun! And that calligraphy is STUNNING.
    I'm so glad to hear the wedding was everything you'd hoped, and CONGRATULATIONS!!

  11. Once I'm done with my undergraduate degree (which will be completed in one week!!) I would love to take a calligraphy course at a community college or something. This event looks like so much fun! Welcome back, and I'm so happy to hear that you wedding went beautifully!


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