New Bedroom Set

As quickly as the thought came to get a new bed set, it happened. We got a headboard-less wooden bed frame from Ikea that is elevated. Our previous bed wasn't elevated with legs, and you can see above the lines that it left in the carpet. I much prefer an elevated bed with legs, at least for our small space it works. I can hide some treasures and good books under there to lead us in our dreams. We also got a brand new mattress which is comfortable and firm, with just a bit of softness from the foam topper we have. 
We didn't need a headboard because we already had one - a free-standing piece of wood. It was supposed to be for the front of a bar, but the wood was "imperfect" and found it's way into our home. I think it serves as a lovely and elegant backdrop for our bed. 
Our new bed has our brand new white sheets and a comforter which were gifts from the wedding. I've always wanted white sheets. Something about it hints a little at hospitality and it's a little reminiscent of falling asleep on a cloud. Also, the way the light hits it in the mornings can make a girl's knees weak. 
Today we have a major bi-annual event going on at the museum and I'm excited to see it come together this year. The longer I'm in the industry and working the more involved I feel with our events. It's a great feeling when an event is not finite. Many of our weddings are lovely and I adore working with our brides to create their special day - but the sad thing is that it's unlikely that I will work with them again for other events. Annual events like these, where I get to see the client multiple times a year - they make me happy. I adore building the relationships with them. I think that's the former hairstylist in me. I used to see the same people every month and get to hear their stories and watch them grow. Even though I'll definitely be working hard today, I'll enjoy every second of it knowing that I won't have to say goodbye to our client, only see you later.


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  1. What a sweet and cozy bed set up! Ephraim and I can't for our lives decide on a bed for our upcoming apartment together, so we'll just be going without a frame for the start at least. I didn't want us to buy something to fill a "need" that wasn't really there, we can always make our minds up later! I've always liked the look of a wood headboard, especially something with dimension like what you have, or an old door! Such a neat look.


  2. Loving the bed! My guy and I are stuck living in an apartment this next year that is specifically for college students: meaning it's furnished with crappy furniture and we're not supposed to change it. We're not excited about the beds (they're literally the most uncomfortable things ever) but at least we'll get to put good looking comforters on them, right?
    I think your headboard is gorgeous!

  3. That comforter.. I love it! Do you know where it came from? I also love the headboard made out of the piece of wood. I'm wanting to go with the more simple look with my headboard too. The big bulky ones are just so out of style.

  4. I love the collage of photos on your wall. You make it look very modern. And I have that same comforter! I also got it as a wedding gift, although ours is green. It's so comfortable. As always, everything looks great!

  5. Gorgeous! I adore your initials in the bedroom. Ours are in our front foyer but it'd be a great idea to put some extra letters elsewhere in the house. Gorgeous collage and your headboard fits perfectly. :)

  6. i love your bedroom! all of the photos above your bed are so unique and awesome :) and the wall color is great! i love that you guys turned the piece of wood into a useful headboard. creative!

  7. i love, love, love all the pictures above your bed. i have a serious weakness for portrait painting so i am drooling just a little bit over here. i am in love with the one of the girl. i really like your stripes, it all works so well together, your wall color is really nice in there too. love it all!!!

  8. I used to be a hair stylist as well, and I definitely see the importance of building relationships with clients. I lovee your new bed set up. I switched to all white sheets last year, but those fluffy ones look way dreamier than mine and have me thinking about upgrading! :)

  9. Everything looks great, even the marks on the carpet from the previous bed! I just have to pin your art wall, this is one of the softest vignettes I've ever seen :)

  10. I love the vignette above your bed with all those interesting frames and paintings. I would love to one day know the story behind each piece! Where it came from, how it made its way to you, etc etc. I think your new bed set looks cozy and inviting. I really want white sheets, but our over-shedding black dog makes that pretty impossible -- even when we do our best to keep him out of the bed, his hair still ends up on everything! I'm neurotic and lint-roll our duvet every night before bed. Long story short, I'm really jealous of your new set up! A nice clean, fresh start!

  11. Lovely. And I really love the gallery wall.

  12. i love so much reading how fulfilled you are by what you do---if i've learned anything, loving what you do is a difficult feat and a rare quality and i am always inspired by people who really live their passion (and it certainly gave me the push i needed in my own pursuit). and i love that you repurposed that headboard, it looks great---and of course i'll echo everyone else here and say fantastic job on that wall gallery!

  13. Wow, your bedroom is gorgeous--and I adore your art display!


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