Local Event: Symphony Under The Stars

Every year our university has an event outside on the lawn with an orchestra. The call it "Symphony Under The Stars" and we've been almost every year since we've moved to the area together. It's a nice little event that we've made a tradition of going to together. 
It's always a lovely time, sitting on the grass listening to good music. It's really relaxing and somewhat therapeutic to take a time-out to just sit, listen, and enjoy. With the wedding and all of the festivities last week, there are few chances to sit, listen, and enjoy. 
As my week unfolds into me getting back into a routine, I'm finding I am just as busy as before, except with new things.
One thing I wanted to accomplish this summer was to get back into the habit of reading on a daily basis. And by reading, I don't mean blogs, textbooks, or magazines, I mean some classic novels. There are tons of books I am in the middle of including Game of Thrones and Girl Who Played With Fire. Yesterday I started reading The Great Gatsby because it's a classic I never tackled. I adore the 20's so I am really surprised I never picked it up in high school. My plan is to read all 180 pages of it before Sunday when we plan to see it. I think it is definitely do-able at the rate I am going. 
I promise I will share some photos with you soon! If you're on Instagram, you're welcome to check out our hash tag full of images taken by our friends and family, #danielleandsteven. My photographer gave me a disk of some images before the night was over. I will share those with you soon enough! 


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  1. Isn't it great to have events catered to classical music and orchestras? I would love to attend more public concerts. We have a great spot for concerts here in Celebration but it never gets used. :( I will check out your Instagram!

  2. I'm shocked you never read Gatsby before! It's definitely a manageable read in a short time frame. I first read it in high school and I re-read it every year or so. I adore it. I'm seeing the movie tomorrow but don't have the highest of hopes, the book is just too special to be smothered in the gloss and glitter this movie is giving it, but we'll see. I'm in the middle of reading four or five books, I apparently have ADD!

    I love that picture of you the person reclining reading a book, and a few people in front of him is the loveliest couple having a quiet moment between themselves. Great catch!

  3. thanks erin for pointing out the couple in that photo of the man reading. i didn't notice it at first but it does make the photo so much more magical. great shot indeed.

    the great gatsby is one you can definitely read in a weekend, especially being as you have been reading game of thrones, 180 pages will be nothing :)

    can't wait for the wedding photos but of course you just need to enjoy everything for now! xoxo

  4. You know, I've never had the chance to go to this event when I was at UCF. Such a shame! I want to re-read the Great Gatsby before seeing it too! It's funny because I studied it intensely in high school and I can't even remember what the plot was about. Also a shame. Ha! Have a great weekend!

  5. I love outdoor concerts! I can't wait til the series near me starts up again!

  6. The Great Gatsby is a pretty quick read so it's totally doable. Can't wait to see the movie!

    Also, the outdoor symphony concert looks wonderfully romantic.


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