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These past two weeks of being a newlywed mainly consist of us relaxing at home after all the chaos of the wedding and many family members in town. We've spent some days relaxing, some days running errands, and some days getting back into the swing of work and home life.
We have some home improvement goals on the horizon but I wanted to share a little piece of love that arrived in the mail on our wedding day from a favorite blogger of mine. Christine of The Plumed Nest wrote a guest post for me while I was off entertaining family the week before the wedding. I mentioned her needlecraft and handcrafted pillows on her Etsy shop Plumed on the guest post, but now you get to see her work for yourself! 
Christine gifted us a pillow that she made for our wedding day and it appropriately arrived on May 4th, the day of our wedding. Christine makes many different designs, and this one was so perfect for our start of married life in our home.
The story behind the heart trail is that we are currently living in Orlando and we have dreams of moving to Chicago. We've always wanted to live in a big city at some point in our young lives before really settling down in suburbs. Chicago is on our sights even though we've never been before. Not sure if you can tell yet but we really love food. We love eating out at unique restaurants just as much as we love eating in, cooking a new meal. Chicago is a city with the most 4 star restaurants in the nation. Chicago is home to the video game company S currently works for and is also home to a plethora of museums that one day I hope to have to honor of working events in. 
Some upgrades we have been planning to do in our home are a new bed frame and a new mattress set. We have a brand new set of sheets and duvets from our wedding, so it's only appropriate that we start them off right with a brand new bed! We have been looking at options from Ikea since they are both affordable and contemporary and we've found the perfect match. I will update again on what we found and how it all came together!


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  1. That pillow is darling.
    And we actually don't live too far from one another! :)

    Congrats again on the marriage.
    & my fingers are crossed that one day soon you two will move to Chicago.

  2. I love that pillow! She has some awesome work.

    I went on a school trip to Chicago in middle school and can't wait to go back some day. We went to several museums and even though I was so young, I really enjoyed them. Living in Chicago will be awesome! :)

  3. The pillow is gorgeous! Christine did a great job. It's amazing to have a reminder of your dreams in your home. I'm sure you both will have a great life in Chicago when that time comes.

    Happy IKEA bed-hunting!

  4. What a beautiful pillow, and so perfect and uniquely "you"! That Christine...is there anything she can't do?! Oh, this just makes me so happy for you guys. I think you guys should absolutely move to Chicago. Just do it! Jump in with both feet and have fun discovering the city together. Food aside, it will be such a bonding experience for your early years of marriage! I've never been to Chicago either, but if you move there I'll have an excuse to visit! xo

  5. So happy you like it Yelle! I have been to Chicago but very briefly - like half a day brief. I have known people who live there though and they love it, love it, love it! Hope the pillow gives you that little extra inspiration to throw caution to the wind and follow your dreams!!

  6. My husband and I are feeling the same way about these weeks since our wedding. Resting and catching up on projects. I've been cranking out crafts right and left for the house and I am so excited to see it all come together. Congrats!


  7. Yes, come to Chicago! It's so wonderful here :) And yes, there are a million opportunities for you to continue your work in Chicago. Have a beautiful Monday!

  8. Gorgeous pics! Glad you're enjoying newlywed life!

  9. I love it! You know, I might meet you out there in Chicago one day :) I was born just outside of chicago in Rockford, and a few years ago, Joshua and I went to visit. He hadn't visited before and while we were being all touristy there, we made a pact that one day we would move there too with the same mindset as you guys!

  10. That is a beautiful pillow! What a thoughtful gift!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  11. Love that pillow! It's so sweet and sentimental :) Sounds like Chicago is seriously the city for you! I visited a few years ago and I have to say, it's one of my favorite cities ever. You guys should definitely journey out there sometime soon!


  12. What a beautiful pillow and such a neat idea! I also share the itch to move to a larger city so I think I may need to commission a pillow for myself :) Also I realized I never commented on how much I am LOVING the new look on the blog! I hope you are doing well.


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