A Sunday Meal: Lamb Tacos

On a Sunday not too long ago, my dad had us over for dinner. He said he was making lamb but was going to put a spin on it. That evening, we had home made lamb tacos with some home made toppings too. 
My dad pickled some onions, made a cilantro tomato salad, and even had a celery and cilantro relish. Piled on top of the lamb, everything tasted fresh and flavorful. The sour cream in the taco with the lamb added an almost Greek flavor, as if it was tangy like tzatziki sauce. 
My dad roasted a dish of potatoes and peppers. They came out piping hot and incredibly tender. No meal at my dad's house is complete without a bottle of red wine to share. 
After dinner, we spent the evening outside on the new porch that my dad built. He strung wire across the top as a trellis for his grape vines to climb up onto. Last summer the grape vines were flourishing and over the winter they got a little smaller. The vines are still alive though and I hope to see them bloom tiny bunches of grapes again this year.
This was before my brother got his hair cut which you can see on Instagram! S's brother came this past weekend for a quick visit. We all went out to dinner on Saturday night and when we got home, my own brother came for a surprise visit too! As soon as I got out of the car, he snuck up on me to surprise us! It was nice to have both of our brothers for a quiet visit.
My dad has planted many herbs and veggies in his garden. When I was there last, these two were looking exceptionally lovely! These peppers were growing to a healthy size, and even the broccoli below looked wonderful.
This weekend is the hair show in Orlando which I look forward to every year. There's hundreds of booths of brands set up showcasing old favorite and new products. There's everything from make up to nail polish to hair demonstrations. The hair demonstrations on runway stages are my favorite. Companies bring in famous hairdressers and cute and style hair really dramatically. Chucks of hair goes flying and music is blasting. It's really fun. Last year I took a trade show class right around this time while the convention center was setting up for the hair show and I was so excited to see the set up for this show that I attend every year! I took a photo from the aerial cat walk of set up. 
Steven's birthday is tomorrow and we have reservations for a local restaurant that we've been meaning to dine at for months. It's always packed with reservations and it's the sister restaurant of a favorite restaurant of ours that we go to for celebrations like anniversaries. This restaurant is more casual and I'm looking forward to some briny oysters and grilled quail! 


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  1. the lamb meal your dad made looks absolutely delicious! it's only 8am but my mouth is watering haha. gyros are like one of my favorite foods, and this is such a cool spin on them! also, i'm jealous you get to go to the hair show, i bet it's so awesome. as is the new restaurant i'm sure ;) happy birthday to steven!! hope you guys have a fab time.


  2. This looks so yummy! My husband adores lamb but I've never cooked it for him. Your dad has an amazing garden. Enjoy the restaurant!

  3. ...and now I see where you get your flair for cooking from!

  4. Can you believe I've never had lamb?! Well, scratch that, I probably had it once, but I can't bring myself to try it again! I'm not a real bleeding-heart vegetarian, but something about lamb just screams "TOO CUTE" to me, haha, so I can't eat it. I'm weird! I would gobble up those roasted potatoes, though! You always seem like you have so much fun, wherever you go. I need to adopt that attitude!

  5. this looks incredibly delicious!
    I love how everything is so colourful!

  6. That cilantro tomato salad...oh my! It looks so fresh and summery. I must try something similar this week.

  7. This is too funny! I think I met you when I was chaperoning my brother's prom! I'm excited to follow along, I feel like I know you already! hahaha :)

  8. now i know where you get your love and passion for cooking. that salad and the potatoes looks so good! being a former vegetarian for 18 years i still can't do lamb or beef but it is making me crave a taco night. and that hair show sounds like too much fun! hopefully we can see some action photos of the hair flying??

  9. Everything looks so delish! Esp the potaotes :D yumm.. your dads place looks so cute! :] and man i need to go to a hair show one of these days. im sure id love it

  10. Your dad's home seems like such an awesome place! The dinner looks delicious, and I won't even start on how nice the backyard looks!

  11. wow! lamb tacos!?!!? definitely going to give that one a try - delish!

  12. This all looks divine - Gorgeous setting and I'd give anything for a taste of the food!


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