Undertones of Jasmine

I've been waking up early these days relishing in the blue light coming in from the windows and quiet hours of the morning. Our jasmine is in full bloom around our neighborhood and it put me in the mood for some jasmine tea. Starting the day off with calming tea instead of coffee is comforting. Add a magazine into the equation and it's the best way to start the day.
This weekend we're definitely taking some time to view some films at the Florida Film Festival. Every year we visit the FFF and watch the shorts, a collection of films anywhere from 2 minutes long to 30 minutes long. I love seeing the animated collection because it is always so refreshing, some happy, some sad. We always make sure to check the shorts out since it's unlikely we'll get the chance to see those again, where as we always end up seeing the other titles again whether playing at the theater at a later date, or on DVD. So this evening, you'll find us cuddled up at our favorite theater with a pitcher of beer and maybe even some truffle fries.


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  1. I love watching shorts. My brother and I try to find new ones on Youtube and Vimeo. The animated ones are so amazing! Have fun at the festival!

  2. Pretty photos, they are so springish and refreshing :)

  3. Jasmine is probably one of the best scents I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Every year when my family would gather in Florida (my aunt and uncle had a house on Little Gasparilla Island), there would be jasmine everywhere we went. It's such a pleasant memory. Bvlgari makes a perfume called Jasmin Noir that I purchased for times when I want to be reminded of our vacations there as a family.

  4. truffle fries? YUM! enjoy your weekend :)

  5. fresh jasmine is one of my favorite scents. i am glad you are off to see shorts! that is something i always mean to do every year but seem to miss them. and you are right, if you don't see them in the theater during a film festival it's unlikely to see them at all. which is a shame really, i think short films can be so poignant and inspiring. i can at least say i am often moved by them. to me it's art in film at its finest. enjoy your weekend!!

  6. There is definitely something that feels so leisurely about starting off the day with a magazine...while still in bed.
    Enjoy the festival!

  7. nothing better than tea in the morning :) so relaxing. and i think that's great that you watch all the short films! sometime people forget that there is such an art to them--sometimes even more so than the big wig movies. it takes true talent to capture something wonderful in a short amount of time. sounds like a fun weekend!



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