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I'm quickly learning how fast time passes. This year has had so much packed into it, I'm so happy that I've had my camera for this last portion of it to remember the moments. Every weekend that we have time off together, I try to make a point to do something that we love to do together. Farmer's market trips, cooking brunch while listening to jazz, and enjoying a meal on the balcony. We spent one weekend playing outside and I played with my camera. Not only do I cherish having these photos of ourselves at this time in our lives, I like the idea of having motion pictures of us to show all the little quirks that make me happy.
We went for a bike ride around our neighborhood on a rainy day and I filmed us. It's important to me to have our little moments of everyday nothings documented, because they really mean to most to me. I hope this little video and the other Resolution videos to follow will also inspire you to cherish every moment and to play outside this weekend!


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  1. I hope the weather cooperates so that I can play outside this weekend!

  2. Oh man, the D3200 has video capability?! It's one of the big things I feel like I'm missing with my D3000 (and, you know, full frame shots... but who has $3000 to upgrade to full frame?!). I loved the little smiles you kept getting from your man in this. Too cute. If it makes it much past 10'C this weekend, you can bet I'll be outside! Maybe do a bit of work on my car :)

  3. It's so true, love that you're doing this! I've been catching up with some old high school friends recently and it's so bad because some memories of those school days have already faded for me!

  4. Such a sweet video! Collecting moments of everyday happiness is a favorite activity of mine too.

  5. Love the new blog name! I'm excited that it's going to be warm this weekend because I can't wait to take a long walk or bicycle ride! Cute video!

  6. you live in a carlton arms?! so do we! :) i mean we're moving from it in a month but still--i love them! and this video is so cute, it's fun to see how playful you guys are together. the little moments are really the best i think :) happy friday!


  7. What a sweet video! Some of my fave moments are those spur of the moment park walks or ice cream stops. My cell phone photos are always my favorites. :)

  8. I love that song! It's so sweet :) I like the idea of making short films in addition to photographs.

  9. what an adorable little video!! i love the lumineers :)

  10. you are so talented! and i am not just talking about the video (the title, the music and editing) but you can ride a bike and shoot footage too! amazing! i once made a video for scotchblue tape and it was by far one of the most stressful experiences of my life! i need to try to make a cute one like this, pressure free. this was so sweet, just love it. such a handsome fella you have there too! xo

  11. What a lovely video! You're right, time passes by unbelievably fast, it's shocking sometimes. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, great co-hosting the blog hop with you!

  12. I love your little video! I just got a Mac yesterday so I would really like to start making small videos like this. They're short and sweet and homemade videos always leave me feeling inspired. In this case, wishing I still had my road bike! :( You guys seem like you have such a lovely time together. <3


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