Rainy Weekend Recap

This weekend was full of April showers, flowers, farmer's market trips, and lots of errands ran for the wedding. I love how every Sunday we visit the same farmer's market and every time, the produce guy recognizes us and the bakery lady does too. The produce is always insanely cheap for bags worth of fruits and veggies, and the bakery woman is always so proud to show us what bread she'd made for the week. 
We ran some errands like finding S a belt and some clothes for the rehearsal dinner. He tried on his entire wedding day outfit and I marked his pants to hem them. We went over some songs and practiced dancing to our first dance in our living room. In the moment, I hope I smile and have as much fun as we do on our carpet.
Last week was full of monumental events, my 365 favorite things journal is full of good things from last week. On Wednesday, I went into to work thinking it was just another office day. Only, around lunchtime, my coworkers are throwing white balloons at me! It was another surprise bridal shower, this time with all of my close coworkers, who are more like friends. We ate food from one of our favorite caterers, and I enjoyed celebrating our upcoming wedding with them!
Thursday was actually my last day of school - ever. I will never again search for a classroom, sit in another lecture, or be assigned another group project. I have exam-week up ahead, but my classes are actually done! It was a little bittersweet on the drive home. Being that my last class of the day, the professor played this inspirational video, which left the class a bit in a "what am I doing with my life?" But mostly, it was bittersweet because I've been attending college for 5 years and finally, it's done. I loved every class I've ever taken because I love learning, but I'm done, and I'm relieved. What I've been working toward, it's finally here.
A week ago, we had a rainy wedding. I had such hopes for this wedding, as I do with every wedding. I get so attached to my brides and grooms that I don't want the rain to come in the way of them having the ceremony or reception that they wanted. 
This time, it was my first time with two grooms, so I really wanted them to be extra happy. And they were. They didn't let the rain ruin their day, after all, they were just happy to be having a wedding together. We have a rain back up plan for them and they have each other for support, so in the end, of course they were happy. 


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  1. I love the mental image of you two practicing your dance at home together. That's so romantic and sweet, and those little moments are just the best. You're marrying a good guy, there! Congratulations on finishing your last college class, that's such an accomplishment. I definitely miss it sometimes, but like you I was relieved to just be DONE. Now on to the next chapter! And there's lots of exciting things in store. Where are you guys going on your honeymoon? xo

  2. When is your wedding date? It sounds like it's coming up pretty quickly :) Congrats on being done with classes!! I have until March 22 (exams included) and then I graduate as well. I've also been going to school for five years... I completely understand your readiness to move on to the bigger and better! Have a great week!

  3. i love when couples embrace rain on their wedding day :) i've seen plenty of brides and grooms freak out, but when you get the ones who are totally calm about it, i feel like it actually adds to the day; makes everyone appreciate it more!

    sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend. that's so sweet that you practice your first dance in the living room :)
    and about farmers markets: do you buy only enough fruits and veggies for the week? i find that if i buy too much, stuff goes bad before i get the chance to use it--but the deals are just so good....

    happy monday!

  4. I never thought that a little rain could ever spoil the joy of the bride and groom - and the dripping chairs look like a poem!

  5. what a gorgeous rainy wedding.
    i love it.


  6. what a great recap! as you know my week/weekend was a bit rainy too. my son went to florida once and the one thing he talks about still is the rain. he says "why do people always talk about how rainy portland is? you should see the size of the raindrops in florida!" of course in between that it's sunny, not so much here.

    i loved your line about dancing on the carpet. i hope it's as magical as that too, and the whole world fades away as you dance your first song together. i am getting so excited for you!!

    and congrats on college!!! i had the same bittersweet feeling and i still miss it sometimes. but then i remember sitting at my kitchen table at 3am working on a 20 page paper and i don't miss it so much anymore ;)

  7. wow, those flowers on the ground make an awesome backdrop for photos! Congrats on your last day of class! I remember that day for me too, it was the best ;)

  8. These are such beautiful pictures! I love the picture of the chairs covered in water droplets! Congrats on almost being done with school!
    Sincerely, Sara

  9. so happy for you and proud of you DT! :] <3

  10. I am sure you will have a blast on your first dance at the wedding (and all dances there after!)
    As for rain, they say it's good luck- so I'm glad to hear the grooms didn't let that get them down on their day.


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