Happy Blog-iversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. A year ago I created this blog as a place to practice writing, a place to showcase my events, a place to remember this time in my life. 
But most importantly, I wanted to get into the blogging community in order to relate to bloggers and readers across the globe. And I've done that. I have to say thank you to Christine, Erin, Miranti, Dayna, MelissaTJ, Milynn, Mihaela, Jai, and Rachel. All of your blogs, your designs, your style, and your personalities have inspired me to continue with this blog even though I nearly abandoned it after creating it.
This isn't truly my one year of blogging continuously. I posted sporadically from last April up until October 2012, and that's when I started blogging on a weekly basis. April marks the anniversary of the creation of this blog, October will mark the anniversary of me blogging regularly.
And tomorrow marks the end of my college career. Tomorrow is my last day of exams. I'm certain I've passed everything with flying colors (cum laude!) and I finally have my Bachelor's degree after 5 years of college.
This isn't the only anniversary this week. Yesterday, 6 years ago, I met my fiance, S. This coming Wednesday, May 1st, 6 years ago, we started dating. And Saturday, May 4th, this Saturday, we're getting married. Yesterday we enjoyed the day by visiting numerous flower markets and plant nurseries to fill up our porch for spring. Among of all of these celebratory days, I will still have blog posts for you this week! Coming from two of my favorite bloggers, Christine + Erin. Keep an eye out for their posts on love! 


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  1. Gosh, this is a heartfelt week for you in so many ways!! What a lot of incredible milestones for you to hit in just a small period of time. I don't know where to start: congratulations on finishing your degree, you smart girl. And congrats to you & S on your long and beautiful history together and also your exciting wedding coming up!! And I'm so, so happy that you started blogging and that we found each other in the big world of the internet. I don't know what I'd do without you for all the positivity and delight you bring to my week! xoxo

  2. happy blog birthday, happy anniversaries, happy graduation, and happy wedding! hope you have a wonderful and memorable week <3

  3. happy anniversaries! this is such a sweet post. i'm so glad you decided to stick around the blogging world, because your blog is one of my favorites to read! you are so heartfelt in your posts and comments :) i hope this week goes wonderfully for you!


  4. Lots to celebrate! Happy anniversaries, enjoy today, and all the upcoming days! :)

  5. Your flowers and balcony are just to die for...I'd love to have a hot cup of coffee in a kitschy mug and just sit.

  6. Oh you sweet thing! I am so glad you kept blogging!! You inspire me in so many ways, cooking better food for myself and my children is at the top of the list. I am one of those people that will just eat crackers all day if I am left by myself. But I love good food, fresh food and beautiful food and seeing how much love you pour into your makes me want to do the same. And what better timing because I have to start cooking more now that we have more allergies in my house than I even thought we had!

    So many wonderful occasions to celebrate this week! I hope that you are able to enjoy each of them and especially your wedding. You know I will be thinking of you non-stop. Congratulations!! xoxo

  7. Happy Blogiversary! And congrats on all that has to follow... graduation and MARRIAGE! Woohoo!

  8. so crazy--may 1st, 6 years ago, is when b and i started dating! small world indeed.

  9. So many amazing things to celebrate! I'm glad you've stuck with blogging which, considering everything you've had going on, is quite amazing. Sending you warm wishes for much (more) success!

  10. What an exciting time for you! Happy Blogiversary too! I hope you have a lovely and wonderful wedding and try not to stress,enjoy the day because the day will be done in a flash.

  11. Congrats on your blogiversary! I love your blog and I'm super happy you continued with it! Can't wait to read more x


  12. Happy blogiversary to you dear lady! =) So glad to have become friends and wishing you all the best! XO, Rachel


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