Weekend Recap @ Farmer's Market

This weekend S and I did some of our favorite things to do together. One of them was of course going to the farmer's market. When S and I were long distance, I used to visit him and he'd show me the farmer's market in town. Since the beginning, I've always loved visiting them with him. It's one of the sentimental reasons why we chose to get married at one. Speaking of... that's in 47 days! 
We bought fruit and vegetables for the week, and even splurged this time on local farm fresh eggs. Not only are they from a local farm, but the ones we bought are duck eggs! They are much larger than the typical organic eggs we buy from the super market, and are un-fertilized like typical eggs. The farmer told us that the duck eggs are denser with a larger yolk. We're thinking we'll make a pasta carbonara with them, as well as a pizza with one of the eggs in the middle. 
We picked up a batch of strawberries to snack on while we walked around. They were gone quickly while we strolled along the lake looking at turtles and baby ducklings that swam fast to follow their mama duck. Others threw pieces of bread for the animals; we watched as they munched like we did. 
This week I saw the first bloom of star jasmine. Our neighborhood has star jasmine growing up and along all of it's fences. When in bloom, I smell jasmine every morning and every evening on the walk to and from my car. It's so serene. I'm a sucker for super floral scents like jasmine and lavender. I love them so much, I even drink them in my tea! In about another month, our fences will be covered in full white blooms. 
This past week I've swapped my treasured New York coffee for the can of chicory coffee that I got from New Orleans. The grinds themselves are so much darker than what I am used to, but it looks so black and beautiful.
This coffee has chicory in it to balance out the bitterness of coffee beans. It's so delicious that I drink it black without almond milk. I typically put a little almond milk in all of my cups of coffee, no sugar. But this coffee is so balanced it doesn't even need it. 
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  1. That is so sweet that you guys are getting married at the farmers market! Such a unique venue :) I can tell its going to be a beautiful one! I am going to Orlando in a couple weekends actually, which farmers market do you suggest going to?

  2. Congrats on the feature! Dang, those eggs and fruit looks fresh. Farmers markets are so fun!

  3. Everything looks so amazing (and tasty). Wedding countdown is on!

  4. I love farmer's markets so much! Those strawberries look delish too :) I guess I didn't realize you're getting married at a farmer's market--how totally cool and unique!


  5. I LOVEEEE farmers markets! I can't wait until the weather gets nicer here and they start opening up! Looks like you are going to be eating some yummy things this week! :)

  6. Getting married at a Farmer's Markets has to take the cake on the most unique and romantic spot I've heard of in a long time. Especially since it has such a connection to you both!! I love the idea of wandering and eating fresh strawberries (though I can eat an entire pint by myself, so this could get expensive, haha).

  7. I love the farmers market. Even if I don't buy anything, just walking through brings me peace. Great photos!

  8. What's awesome is that Hello Cotton is like on spring break so you're STILL up there! ;) They used to change it out daily. You got a good deal there.

  9. Great pictures- I am really looking forward to when the farmers markets open here.

    Some Snapshots Blog

  10. gorgeous pictures!!! and farmers market eggs are always the best :) x

  11. Seeing fresh strawberries makes me so happy. It means spring warmth is close. Finally! I am so tired of the cold and drab. Those are such lovely Jasmine blooms.

  12. Look at that! We are both talking about Cafe du Monde on our blogs today! Hahaha! I have been looking for a place to pick strawberries but I'm sad to say, I don't think it exists where I live :( Oh well, I will live vicariously through you :)

  13. You are SO cute! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, i'm so glad it led me to yours! I too LOVE all things French...including the country. I spent a summer there, and just fell in love with it, and have been back a few times! You are just adorable, and I can't wait to start reading more!! love Katie

  14. hey there! i'm loving your blog, its seriously adorbs. your photos are so great. cheers!

  15. Ohhh your photos make me long for spring/summer. It's cold as can be in Ohio today.

  16. i can't recall if i had read that you are getting married in a farmers market. how cool! and i'm right behind you! great photographs, btw. so FRESH. :)


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