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We arrived just outside of the French Quarter and stopped at La Madelines for breakfast. We ate quiches, oatmeal with roasted nuts, toast with jams and jellies, and other pastries with coffee. The coffee was weak but the food was delicious, a perfect start to the day. From there we drove into the quarter passing Audubon Society and Tulane University. We arrived to the house to drop off our things.
Our house is in the middle of the French Quarter, a few blocks up from Cafe du Monde, and in between Canal and Esplanade. It the perfect walking distance to everything. The house itself used to be a garage for horse drawn carriages and at some point was converted into living quarters.  
The house also has a courtyard in the back area that joins the owners house. There's brick everywhere, inside and out, and lots of old touches like tall doorways and wooden trim. I adore all the shutters, on our house and others, with bright colors like teal and purple.

From the house we went straight to the French Market to walk around. We stopped to get daquiris first to accompany us as we walked through the wares and crafts. Becca bought a lot of gifts for her family and friends at the market. After feeling it in our legs, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant across the street from the market called El Gato Negro. It was there that we had such a great meal with the sweetest server, Corey. We ordered cilantro pineapple margaritas which were so heavenly, and then munched on chips and salsa, guacamole, queso, and tuna and avocado ceviche. The queso was so delicious, buttery at the beginning and a little spicey at the end. 
Of course, I completely agree with almost everyone I've spoken to about New Orleans. All of the people here are so friendly and the atmosphere is so different. It's hard to describe, but it's unlike any other city. I attribute it to the combination of a rich history with southern hospitality, and a dash of alcohol to create this unforgettable city. 

We came back to the house to relax a little since we had a long night on the road. After we refreshed ourselves we hit up a ghost tour. We had time to kill before the tour got started so we stopped in Pat O'Briens for some hurricanes in to-go cups. The hurricanes were so sweet and had a ton of rum - not sure if I'll be doing that again! I love that in New Orleans you're allowed to walk around with open containers; we brought our drinks along for the tour. Halfway through, we all stopped at a bar called MRB for restrooms and another drink when our hurricanes ran dry. We joked around with our tour guide and made friends with the only other person on the tour that was drinking.
After the tour, we stopped in Muriel's down the block to grab a cocktail that was highly recommended. It was called Honey Child and it was made with honeysuckle vodka (immediately intriguing), Chambord (a favorite), blackberries, and basil - so good! Muriel's kitchen closed at that point so we made our way to Angeli for late night pizza and beers.
So far, a successful and packed first day! I did leave out the part where I tripped, twice. I nearly sprained the same ankle, once at the beginning of the walking ghost tour, and once at the end of the night when almost to the house. I'm looking forward to the days to come and I already feel like it's almost over! 
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. Lovely pics, Yelle, I can almost feel the special atmosphere of the place. Why don't we have any Mr. Frog and the horses heads?!

  2. Amazing photos, as always! I've never been to New Orleans, but I have a feeling that Luis and I would love it. Also, honeysuckle vodka sounds heavenly!

  3. Love it ... also in case you didn't see ... this post was on the front page of today!! <333

  4. You've seriously inspired me to go! Over the summer, I was planning on going to Texas, I'm thinking about making it a road trip to stop here on my way!

  5. Seems like you're having a great trip! That guac looks out of this world. Keep having fun girl!


  6. Looks amazing! Hope you have a fabulous time!! x

  7. those drinks sound amazing! have you ever considered being a food writer because honestly there is no other blog i read on a regular basis that makes me crave yummy food and drinks more than yours. love the photos and loooooove that you went on a ghost tour! my neighbor is from NOLA and since meeting her i have been dying to visit. her love of home and how she describes it, well, it's actually what inspired my pillow business! i just have to get there someday but for now i am happy to visit through you. keep having fun! (i can't believe that was one day, that's how i like to travel!). xo

  8. Oh goodness, this already sounds like an amazing trip! New Orleans is a place I'd love to visit!

  9. Amazing photos! I love New Orleans. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  10. This trip looks so fun! Thanks for sharing.

  11. oh my goodness, this sounds like so much fun! i love the pictures

  12. Love your travel pics! They are so colorful and pretty!


  13. nice pictures, up for margaritas too !

  14. You're in NOLA and you have breakfast at a chain restaurant and then you eat chips and salsa then a pizza??!!! Are you nuts?
    You can have that anywhere. You're in a foodies paradise. I suggest you eat some Creole food and visit Cafe du Monde for some stronger coffee. Don't waste anymore time. Life is short eat something good you can return to mediocrity when you go back home.

    1. Thank you for your opinion. All of the restaurants we went to were recommended by locals. This was only the first day so I was able to enjoy Creole food on the other 4 days that I was there. Cafe du Monde was definitely on my list of go-to places for coffee.

    2. It's hard to take it all in on your first day, much less your first trip. As someone has been there every year for 8 years, I can tell you that you made some excellent choices. And even though I love Coop's Place and the neighborhood parties that one runs into during a typical stroll in NOLA - complete with pop-up tents serving authentic Po' Boys and etoufee - I also love a margarita from Jimmy Buffett's and a hand grenade on Bourbon. It's all part of the experience! It sounds like you have a real hunger for NOLA, and you will definitely find your favorite spots. If you have a chance to hang out in the Marigny on your next trip - do!

  15. I dream of going to New Orleans! <3

  16. I've so been wanting to go to New Orleans with my husband (we've both been but before we even met). It sounds like such a good time- especially a ghost tour (but I doubt I could convince him of doing that...)

  17. I'm from New Orleans, and so living here it's always amazing for me to see how other people take to the city. I absolutely love it and want everyone else to have a great time in it to. I'm glad to see that you're enjoying yourself so far! xo, Maria

  18. That is one of the city i have to visit someday in this life, i love the photos
    looks a pretty fun trip.



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