Blissfully Proud

Lately, I've been feeling so proud. It could be leftover from last week, it could be our upcoming wedding, it could be me finally getting my degree... Whatever the reason, I am so proud of what both S and I have accomplished. These past years together (almost 6 years) I've watched him paint, draw, doodle, sculpt, etch, and grow. From painting with acrylics in undergrad to sliding on a tablet in graduate school, I've seen him evolve as an artist and as a person. I couldn't be happier about who he has become and what he has done with his talent. 
We've taken adventures together, close and far. In all of our adventures, there were times we've laughed underground in the metros of Paris, even times I've cried in a tiny apartment in Paris. We've stayed up late laughing until our bellies were sore, and we've stayed up late slamming drinks back with friends and smiles. I cannot wait for all of the upcoming adventures with him. The adventure of marriage, of moving into our own house, of traveling farther than before. 
One of these last weekends S and I got to spend two days in a row off together. For most couples this might be a normal thing, but for us there are only a few weekends like that and I've learned to cherish them ever since I used to work every weekend at the hair salon. Together we went to our favorite brick street, our little downtown area for lunch. We were going to sit outside at a table, people watching and snacking over drinks. We stumbled upon the brick roads to find a yearly festival taking place. The street was packed with tents and people spilling out from restaurants onto the sidewalks. We walked threw the throngs of people to enjoy the sense of community. But, being that we just wanted to enjoy some time together, we made our way away from the thriving street to a less crowded restaurant. We still sat outside, sometimes in silence over our brunch and drinks. It was exactly what I wanted: some quiet to keep time moving slow: slow motion to cherish it all the more. 


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  1. This is so sweet! It's so nice to have the chance to grow up with someone while you are doing the same isnt it? seeing how far you've both come together and how much farther you can go in the future!

  2. ummm, okay wow. he is an amazing artist! you should be proud haha. and i'm so excited for you guys :) there are so many new beginnings on the way for you! glad you were able to slow down and take it all in this weekend together.


  3. Yup, he seems very talented! Not a lot of time together makes you cherish every second that you share :)

  4. aw, this got me a little choked up. i really think the way you describe your love for him and love for each other is what everyone should be able attest to before marriage, or even seriously dating really. i think being able to laugh until your bellies hurt is key. xo

  5. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even on Lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3


  6. Wow, he is very very talented indeed!!

  7. Your love for each other just radiates out of this post. Sometimes two people are meant to be together, to support each other through the distances and difficulties life tosses at ya. You two are one of those couples. Good thing your wedding is coming up soon; I would tell you two to get hitched if you weren't already!

  8. Yay for time off together! Days where you can just simply enjoy each other are the best. 6 years! Amazing! Congrats and can't wait for you to share your day with us (via pictures). :)

  9. Wow, his drawing skills are amazing! :D


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