A Glimpse Into Event Coordinating

This past weekend I worked a wedding (a Jewish one!) and I figured I'd snap a few shots of behind-the-scenes instead of just the wedding itself. Don't get me wrong - the wedding was beautiful like most of our weddings are, but it's hard to justify another shot of our market lights against the sky. Although, the sight never gets old to me. 
As an event coordinator my responsibilities include everything from event sales, marketing, guest services, to risk management. From beginning to end our client relationship looks a little like: 1) initial site-visit to show the client the venue spaces, 2) creation of contract, invoice, and work order, 3) discussion of event needs (this is where the client fills out an event specification guide with questions like "What kind of set up do you want? banquet/theater/classroom" and "What are your vendors? company/contact/number"), 4) creation of a diagram by using the specification guide, 5) creation of a production schedule by using the spec guide (contacting the vendors to see their set-up needs, scheduling them for load-in, etc.), 6) and finally, the last part is coordinating all of the details on site the day of the event. On-site I have a set-up crew as well as an event intern to help in all the things that need to get done. I would have never thought that I would need an intern, but our building is so big and we are the liaison for so many contacts that it is so helpful to have an intern assist!
I snapped a photo of the production schedule from this weekends wedding, as well as my name tag that sits prettily in a small holder made from a branch. It's actually left over from one our weddings and was used as the name and seating arrangement place card holder. A sweet little detail to remember that wedding by!
Every few months, I get really lucky to have a florist and a bride + groom who don't want to take home 15 centerpieces. That means, I bring home a beautiful, fresh bouquet for my dining room table. This wedding had a colorful ensemble of orange, yellow, and even pink floral centerpieces that matched everything from the napkins to the cupcakes. A true sign that spring is here! 
For a while, I was feeling like I wanted more, like I needed more to life. I know that I have a lot of changes coming up in the next few months, even within the next year. Although, there was still something in my head making me feel that I still need to accomplish something else. And then, I suddenly had the realization that a year ago I was in a completely different place too. A year ago I wanted to be exactly where I am now. In regards to my career, my degree, our wedding, even money, everything has fallen right into place, exactly how I wanted it to. And it made me realize that it's enough. It's enough that we've advanced this much in our careers, it's enough that we have both obtained degrees, it's enough that we're both traveling to new places. I'm really driven, so it won't be enough forever, it will hardly be enough for this week, but for now, I am content, and I am proud of how far we've both come in the short time of one year.
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. Oh I love the colors of that bouquet! How lucky you are to be able to bring those home from time to time!

  2. you're so right--it's hard to remember to be content, but you have so much to be thankful for and things to still look forward to :) i'm so glad things are going well! i, too, was at a completely different place only a year ago....the time flew by and now i'm sitting here waiting for the next part. sometimes i need to try living in the present a little more i guess ;)

    ps. ahhh, the free, leftover flowers. probably the best part for me :) they're my favorite aspect of weddings!


  3. Thanks for the follow! Excited to follow your blog as well!


  4. woo hoo! thanks for participating in the blog lovin' collective today! ;) If you don't mind me asking - where do you work! I only ask because I used to live in Orlando. You don't have to tell me if you are worried I am a stalker. LOL

  5. i love getting behind the scenes peaks. what a lot of work but that certainly doesn't surprise me. i love the job perk of bring home flowers! and i am so happy that you have been able to accomplish so much. i think when you are in that mode it is tempting to look at the next thing, but it is wise of you to sit back and appreciate where you are, like you said, it was all where you wanted to be a year ago. so yes, just enjoy it for a bit! xo

  6. Oh geez Yelle! The last part of this post sounds exactly like my life! As a matter of fact, my heart kind of dropped a little bit when I read that you are always kind of wanting "more" (because MAN can it be frustrating!). But I read on and saw that you did some quick reflecting and made a point to notice how far along you've come. So my heart immediately when all fluttery. So proud of you!

    I'm really guilty of becoming unsatisfied with life. Not that life is bad, I just need new endeavors and crafts and opportunities. Plus I know I can always be a better person. I love to run across old, random lists of mine because that's when I really get perspective. Most of the time I'm doing ten times better than what I had set out to do on those lists!

    In that same vein, one of my daily devotionals this week said that God put it in our hearts to never be satisfied. That our ultimate goal is Heaven and that's when we can know and have satisfaction. Not sure what your thoughts are on Christianity, but it was pretty affirming for me!

    So now I'm just rambling, sorry! I mostly just came to tell you that the Target brand whey protein powder is relatively inexpensive (I think $14 for a big container) and it's delicious! : )

    heart, Melanie from My Billie

  7. That looks amazing! I don't know that I could ever be organized enough to do what you do. So impressive!

  8. Ha ha, as an event coordinator myself (I organize events for clients in my advertising agency) I totally agree with the perks! I always choose wonderful flower decorations for press conferences etc. and at the end I give them away as gifts for the ladies who attended the event - and for those who helped me organize it :)


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