Weekend Recap @ Our Central Park

Weekends go by too fast, especially when I work a wedding. The set up and break down seems to make time move at warped speed, and I can imagine that it feels the same way for the bride and groom whose day it is. This weekend we took advantage of the little bit of winter that Florida has. It was bright and sunny out with strong, cold winds. Perfect weather for picnics in the park, but too windy for the weddings 2 foot tall centerpieces on the outdoor terrace.
I've also been getting a hold and a jump on assignments this weekend, as well as falling into the world of Downton Abbey. Friends, family, and even Netflix suggested that I would enjoy it. And I do. I'm already on season 2, and I'm sure it's keeping me from finishing a few group projects for my classes.  
I am so excited to be done with school in less than 3 months (!!!) but I am also already nostalgic about my college campus, my classes, and the sense of community in my major. This semester I have the most group projects I have ever had assigned (at least 6), and I am actually enjoying them rather than being slightly annoyed like I usually am trying to get everyone's schedules together. So far I've worked on a project on Sundance Film Festival, Zofi Beer Festival in South Africa, and even a Puppet Festival in Turkey. It makes me feel proud and excited at the same time about the type of work that we do.
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. How exciting! You're almost done, and those projects don't seem too bad at all for class projects. I dreaded all of mine, they were not as fun. :)

  2. Yup, you definitely scored on the weather! Sounds like you've had a fun (and very busy) semester so far!

  3. oooh, watch where you read today because season 3 ended last night and it is sure to have people talking! i just love that show, i could watch it all day, everyday i think. such a pretty picture . . . i miss the sun! XO

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I'd love that cup of coffee right now! :) And I think I need to watch Downton Abbey. I've heard so much talk about it, I think I'm one of the only people left not watching it!

  5. Oooh, good luck with Downton! Like Christine said, I love that show and could watch it all day, but only if there are tissues at the ready!!

  6. downton abbey. is. amazing :) i'm sure you're hooked already! and it sounds like you've worked on some wonderful projects, lucky gal!


  7. Such varied projects must keep it interesting. I wonder what it must be like to attend a puppet festival? :)


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