Weekend Recap @ Home in the Kitchen

This weekend has been one at home, and mostly in the kitchen. I had a lot of class assignments to do so I set my computer and textbooks up on the dining room table, alternating between homework and cooking. Being in the kitchen at least gave me a sense of having a weekend and doing something for myself instead of just being a slave to college this week. S's brother came to visit, so it was nice to have someone to keep S company while I devoted my weekend to assignments, and it was also nice to cook for someone else, which I always love doing. 
This weekend since I had time at home I set up my new KitchenAid mixer pasta cutter attachment and got to work. I've made raviolis before with a friend so I knew it took some time. I spent most of my afternoon alternating cutting 10 noodles and writing a few paragraphs. In the end, it was so worth it. To me, there is always so much love inside homemade pasta, it always tastes ten times better. 
I didn't want to drown my fresh noodles in tomato sauce, so I opted for carbonara so that we could really taste the semolina flour in the dough. It was delicious, and of course heavy! I always find that when I eat fresh pasta I am always satisfied with smaller portions. My favorite addition to pasta a la carbonara is cracked black pepper; I always add a lot because I love the peppery flavor with smoked bacon and the egg sauce. 
In the first photo is a snack I made with the extra pasta dough. I mixed nearly too much semolina flour for the pasta, so instead of making more noodles, I rolled it out on our pizza stone extremely thin. I brushed it with some thick olive oil, cracked black pepper, sharp provolone cheese, and some arugula to make a flatbread. It was our snack as I continued rolling out pasta noodles in the afternoon. 
And, of course, I started this weekend of cuisine with homemade waffles. I made a decent size batch in order to put the extra in the freezer - homemade frozen waffles. I like my waffle batter to be extremely milky (I use almond milk) and with a teaspoon full of vanilla extract. It's like dessert for breakfast. I think next time I will still use the almond milk, and instead of vanilla extract, I'll use almond extract. And since I'm not crazy about syrup, I put Nutella on my waffles instead. It was a wonderful weekend of sweet and savory to balance out the workload that I had.
Adieu, Yelle 


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  1. Mmmmmmm.... Since you're cooking, I'm coming over to your house. ;)

    Cooking really is a great distraction from studying when you need one.

    I've never thought to freeze homemade waffles before. I'm definitely gonna start doing that.

  2. great idea to make flatbread with leftover pasta dough--you are right that making fresh pasta is a time commitment, but definitely a cathartic process along the way. good luck with school work!

  3. You are so on top of things!

  4. wow! I am impressed. I am afraid to tackle homemade pasta, but you have inspired me to try. I have the pasta attachment for my kitchen aid gathering dust in my pantry. And those waffles! I never thought of freezing them but of course it makes sense!

  5. Sounds like the yummiest weekend ever!

  6. wow, that is dedication! but you're right, homemade is soooo worth it. cracked pepper is the best! you are quite the chef :) yay for a weekend full of good food! we, too, made a pasta dish (although much less complicated...and not homemade...but you get the idea ;)


  7. ah! you always make me miss the wheat products! why oh why do i have to have this silly gluten intolerance?! this food looks so amazing, i think i can actually taste it through the screen. what i need to do is get a pasta maker myself and figure out some yummy g-f recipes. ...if you ever run across any... xo

  8. Oh I want to try making my own pasta one day! That seems so fun :) I also make my waffles with almond milk. I almost always use almond milk when I do any type of baking.

  9. oh homemade pasta sounds nice! I like to put peanut butter on waffles sometimes.

  10. I agree with Christine, I hardly ever eat wheat but this post has me drooling!! You seem like the most wonderful host! <3

  11. I have to try and make a flatbread and Ooooo I recently went to a demo on how to make raviolis so I'm saving up for that kitchaid pasta attachment! Your pasta looks super yummy!!

    Ergo - Blog

  12. Homemade pasta sounds delicious, but holy cow so much work! Love homemade waffles too :) Now you've got my mouth watering lol

    Thank you so much for linking up with the GFC Collective this week! Stopped by to return the favor, now following :)

  13. Oh this all looks way too good :)

  14. ooh that all looks sssooo yummy! it's only 8:30 in the morning but man i want a bowl of pasta now!


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