Party With... Ella Fitzgerald

The queen of jazz herself, Ella Fitzgerald would be the most wonderful host to a Mardi Gras party. Of course, all night would be vinyl flipping in the record player of all the classic jazz musicians. It would be a loud, vibrant, and lively party. 
And of course, king cake would be served for all to indulge in. King Cake is a delicious pastry made with cinnamon and pecans. The person who gets the piece with the baby inside, well they get special privileges. 
It wouldn't be Mardi Gras without masks like a plague doctors mask; each guest would sport their own style. Hiding behind the mask but celebrating all together.
Adieu, Yelle
Ella Fitzgerald photo source
Jazz vinyl purchase source
King cake photo + recipe source
Plague doctor purchase source


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  1. I'm so ashamed, but I really had no idea it was Mardi Gras until late yesterday! Woops! I'm not into the raging partying that is synonymous with the holiday, but a party like this I could definitely get down with!

  2. Partying with Ella would be fantastic. I've never had King Cake before!

  3. I can't believe that I've never heard about King Cake before this year. Where have I been?

    7% Solution​

  4. I've loved Ella since I was ashamed to listen to her (not-very-punk-rock) music... Lovely idea!

  5. i have never had king cake either, on one hand it looks good and on the other it kind of scares me when they put on all those brightly colored toppings. i also find putting things in my food exciting (because i like surprises) and scary (for my teeth!). but if ella gave me a slice i couldn't say no, of course.

  6. Ella is one of my absolute favorites! Would Sarah Vaughan be at the party too? Most bakeries don't bake the baby into the cake anymore (sad day...but choking is a liability) and the baby has grown significantly over the years (I guess being sued is a reality most don't want to face for the sake of tradition). In any case, that's definitely a party I'd want to attend!

  7. A party with Ella would be so classy! This post makes me miss New Orleans... and it totally reminded me that I got the slice of King Cake with the baby inside at my boyfriend's mom's Mardi Gras party last year. Traditionally, whoever finds the baby slice has to provide next year's cake (so I better get baking!)

  8. Oh my, I've never heard of King cake before. Sounds and looks scrumptious!
    xo TJ


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