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I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day, whatever was on the agenda! Most recently, I feel like we've been quickly crossing things off of our wedding to-do list. I'm the kind of person that loves making lists and crossing things off of it. Besides making appointments and laying out the details, we have purchased some must have items like S's suit and these monogram necklaces, for me and all my bridesmaids. 
I've wanted this monogram for myself ever since I've seen both celebrities and friends alike donning them. I thought it would be super special to get it with my new initials and wait until the wedding day to wear it (I took some photos with it for 5 minutes to show you!). I thought that these monograms were so pretty and and chic that my bridesmaids ought to have one too. We ordered them and they quickly arrived, and now I am so anxious to give them all to my girls. Lucky for them, they can wear theirs when they get them. I have to wait until May to wear mine. 
By now, most family and friends have received their invitations in the mail so I am happy to share with your our wedding invitations! They were designed by Joseph, and printed by Adrian. I felt like I had all of the time in the world to get these done, but then suddenly February snuck up on me. Our friends pulled out all of the stops to get these beautiful pieces of paper to creation. The design is bold and contemporary: perfect on simple, white, doubled up paper. 
This weekend I have someone else's wedding on my agenda! I've worked on this wedding a lot now as it has a lot of little details that had to be ironed out. I also have a ton of group projects for classes that have only been building up on me to work on this weekend. I have a very productive weekend coming up. Hope that yours is just as productive (or unproductive) as you wish!
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. Your invites are so pretty! It must be so exciting to actually have them in your hands!

  2. love letterpress and these are lovely and very "you"--can you believe how fast time goes?

  3. The invites (and the monogram!) are oh so pretty! <33

  4. Looks great!! I love letterpress!

  5. I adore the idea of monogram necklaces! They are so classy... as are your invites! ♥

  6. that necklace is so pretty and so you! and might i add that that is one of the best bridesmaid's gifts i have heard of. what a lovely keepsake that they can wear and use. loooove the invitations! such a fun color palette. xo

  7. the necklace is stunning and such a lovely gift for your bridesmaids.

  8. Wow the monogram necklace is so cool

    join my giveaway?/follow each other?

  9. Someone gave me a monogrammed necklace like that when I was a little girl...I wonder where that is now. Also, I love your invitations. :)

  10. Swooon, letterpress wedding invitations! They look fab, and I love the "oui" and "non" on the response cards. You really have great taste! Your necklace is lovely, you and your bridesmaids will look super cute in them! You could even sew the actual charm part to your bouquet for the big day. xoxo

  11. aw, i love the monogrammed necklace! such a cute idea!
    and those invites look amazing. i am still trying to decide on what to do for mine...i need to hurry up!
    p.s. that first photo is adorable. :)

  12. Awe, that necklace is so pretty! And planning a wedding must be so much fun! :p

    Hope you have a great week ;).


  13. love your necklace, the invites, and especially your purple wall! I can't believe it took me this long to check your site out. thanks for all your comments, and I can't wait to read more of your blog :)

    ink + adventure

  14. Loving everything about this post! I really want to get a monogrammed necklace for spring I have been obsessed with it for share too long. xo

  15. Love the necklace! Where did you get it?

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