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This past week has been quite busy as I get back to my routine of work, class, wedding duties, and blogging. I haven't been as active as I usually am as I try to get back in the swing of things. As we unpack the last few of our new items, find new homes for them in our cabinets, and look for excuses to use them, I'm slowly writing thank you's and quickly reading my textbooks. 
I'm happy that this is my last semester ever (I graduate in April!) and I have only had to buy textbooks for one class - all of the others are optional, or I've heard there is little textbook usage. The textbooks that I had to buy? They are two non-fiction wine books for my History + Culture of Wine class. We've already started tasting ancient Georgian and Greek wines as we start all the back as early as wine was discovered. I've never been a history buff, but let me tell you - I suddenly have an interest in areas that don't exist anymore like the Caucasus region where wine originated. If you're wondering how on earth I am taking a wine class in which I can taste as an elective for a college degree - it's for my Event Management major, technically in the College of Hospitality. I believe that the college sees us as having to deal with wines at events, so we ought to have knowledge in the area. Me? I just adore wine and would love to make my own some day like my dad used to. 
I've been growing my hair out like every good bride does a few months before their wedding. Although last week, just in time for my birthday, I got it cut. A healthy trim, leaving my ends feeling fresh and bouncy again. There really is not greater pick-me-up like a visit to the hairstylist. 
Getting back to the routine also means adjusting to the Florida "winter". We have just spent two weeks needing wool socks, and now I am leaving the house in t-shirts. It's been warm down here, but there is a "cold" front coming in this weekend that I am really looking forward to. I have the weekend off so we're going to spend it how we love spending our weekends at home: shopping at the farmer's market, cooking a good meal, and catching up with friends.
Have you ever visited Miranti's blog, Pen + Peplum? It is heaven for any girl that loves a gorgeous office and workplace like me. She recently interviewed me on a little about my office preferences, day-in-the-life, as well as my dream office. You can check out the post here!
I do hope that all of you have a great weekend, especially if your week was as busy as mine! I've got some assignments to do as well, like read two chapters of my wine textbooks. Learning about wine with a glass of it in my hand sounds like the perfect afternoon to me.
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. I would LOVE to take a wine class! How awesome is that???? :)

  2. Your hair looks smashing! I love your back-to-normal pics and the Sibella Court catalog <3

  3. Looking gorgeous and I love your glasses!
    Happy weekend xxx

  4. Your balcony is so beautiful! How lovely it would be to sit out there with a Mello Yello in hand :) Have a great weekend Yelle!!

  5. I love the cushion in the first photograph! And your balcony is gloriously decorated. Beautiful!

  6. I think a wine class would be fantastic. We keep a running list of our favorites on the blackboard in our kitchen - it's a long list ;)

  7. A class where you get to taste wine? Amazing! So jealous! This is my second to last semester of grad school and it's going to be a tough one since I'm taking a novel workshop (eek!). You're hair is so pretty!

  8. Congrats on graduating in April!

    I am so jealous of your Florida winters. It has been so sad and cold in Kansas City (although today it is a strange and beautiful 57 degrees!!) and I am killing to break out shorter skirts and t-shirts.

  9. Gee, how lucky to be able to take a wine class. I`m jealous! Your hair looks great too!I love getting a haircut and the whole pampering process.

  10. i love that photo yelle, it's really lovely! i need a haircut so bad but i know when i go i wil be forced cut off more than i want to.

  11. Beautiful photos - and I love you get to drink wine as part of your studies! Adore your hair :)

  12. I live in SC so I've been experiencing the floppy weather with you- wearing t-shirts and shorts comfortably. I'd love some cold weather! Love your hair; you're such a pretty girl! <3

  13. Wine tasting in class!? I chose the wrong major...

  14. A natural beauty! Love those glasses!

    Nook & Sea

  15. LOVE your glasses! such a pretty picture and your wine class sounds right up my street... ;) xx

  16. These are beautiful pictures! :) I´m really enjoying your blog!



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