Party With... Karen O

Tomorrow is my birthday! And to me, it is totally reason to celebrate. I would love it if I could have a birthday party hosted by Yeah Yeah Yeah's front woman, Karen O. She's all kinds of bad ass, fun, and completely unique. I saw YYYs years ago live, and it was truly one of the best shows. 
Being that Karen O is so animated on stage, there would definitely be tons of dancing at a party hosted by her. Of course, Yeah Yeah Yeahs would be on the soundtrack to the party, as well as other indie dance favorites. For drinks, of course it would have to be my favorite inky pleasure, Chambord. It's a raspberry liqueur, so wonderfully syrupy, best mixed into white, dry drinks like champagne. 
For some thing to eat, another super indulgent treat (after all, it is my birthday) would be red wine poached pears, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It's definitely one of my favorite desserts, right up there with creme brulee. 
Karen O is very much a bad ass, so there has to be some edgy accessories. Bar rings have always been bad ass to me so it would make the perfect accessory to a birthday party outfit.
The final touch: these Jeffrey Campbell Lita's with a claw accent on the heel. By now, you must know I have a love for all things natural and science. These claw boots are maniacal enough for Karen O, and just perfect for a birthday girl like me. 
Tomorrow I'm off to spend the day with my best friend/maid of honor! We have plans to shop, dine, drink, and to do her dress fitting too. I'm so looking forward to our girl day since I haven't had one in a while, and I have hopes of gossiping just a little, drinking just enough, and laughing quite a lot. Enjoy your weekends! 
Adieu, Yelle
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Dancing photo source
Chambord liqueur photo source
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  1. Happy almost birthday! I hope you have a great birthday!! Those Lita's are so cool!

  2. Yay for January birthdays!!! :) Hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow!

  3. happy birthday yelle, may it be as badass as you want it to be :)

  4. Ok, you and I seem to have a lot in common. Karen O. is amazing and Chambord is my favorite liqueur!! I am obsessed with it and the look of the bottle. It reminds me of The Orb that the British King or Queen holds in their hand upon coronation. I've never had a poached pear, but they do sound very pleasant. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

  5. Happy, happy birthday, Yelle! Have fun with your best friend and don't forget the champagne!

  6. Those Litas!!! Ah I wish I wasn't super tall, otherwise I'd totally be on the search for them! (I tried on a pair of Lita's once and I instantly became the she!hulk and felt way too tall.)

    Happy birthday, Yelle!!!!!

  7. Wow, I haven't thought about The Yeah Yeah Yeahs in forever! Thanks for the flashback! And a very happy birthday to you indeed, lovely!! Lots of champagne and indulgent desserts and lots and lots of fun. I need a bottle of Chambord for my home bar, thank you for the reminder. Happy birthday again, Yelle! 2013 is off to a good start for you, and it's only going to get better, I just know it. :)

  8. Happy early Birthday! So lucky you share it with Karen O. Love her :)

  9. i haven't listened to the yeah yeah yeah's in such a long time. i might have to dig around for an old scratched up cd and take a trip down memory lane. it's your birthday!! you are a capricorn! i am happy to know that. so is fisher. both my baby birth-dates (twins obviously share a date and sign) fell into astrological signs in which i actually didn't know anyone really well from (cap and virgo). what i have learned from fisher is caps have a gental spirit and wise soul, i can totally see that in you : ) i hope you have a marvelous birthday!

    ps i looooove jeffrey campbell shoes, i have a couple pair and they are so comfortable!

  10. Happy [early] Birthday!! Love the yeah,yeah,yeahs!! I basically listen to 'heads will roll' on repeat in my head all day long!

    Have a great one!
    xx Ashleigh

  11. girrrrrl those shoes are a-mazing! i love that claw detail. and a party with karen o would definitely be a riot, she's so energetic and it's infectious. and i've never heard of wine infused pears, fancy party ;)

  12. A very Happy Birthday!!!!! oxoxoxo Mary N.Y.

  13. Happy birthday to you!! Have fun :)

  14. Happy belated birthday!! I hope you got to celebrate and have lots of fun. I've never had Chambord before...will have to try it sometime. :) xo

  15. Whoa, that dessert looks heavenly! Happy birthday by the way. :)

  16. Happy belated birthday! I'm a new follower and just found your blog through the BBN. hi!

  17. Woah, sounds and looks like a really fun time!!

  18. What fabulous pictures! And those shoes are so fierce! Adore :)
    xo TJ

  19. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

  20. Yelle, I hope you had a Bad Ass BDay!


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