Our First Meal With Our New Items

Since my bridal shower was this past weekend, not only did I bring home birthday gifts, but I brought home shower gifts as well. The first thing I did when we got home was unpack our beautiful new everyday China, our new gorgeous silverware, and our new set of kitchen knives. The first meal that we cook with all of our new items had to be a good one. So we went classic: a chicken caprese panini. Our  ingredients included:

  • grilled chicken tenderloins
  • sliced tomatoes
  • sliced buffalo mozzarella
  • fresh arugula
  • balsamic vinegar

With a chicken caprese panini I was able to grill the chicken on our lovely new grill pan (so much surface area!), slice the tomatoes and mozzarella with our new knives, and I even pressed our sandwiches with our wonderful new panini press!
Also, even cleaning was a dream! Grill pans are usually such a pain to clean, but this one was nearly spotless with the gentle wiping of a sponge. It was such a pleasure to cook and clean with our first complete set that is all ours. I do hope that this is an indication of how every future meal will go!
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. These look so good! Like they came from a cafe! great job :)

  2. you guys made out like bandits!

  3. i am all about the white everyday dishes, they are by far my favorite. i really love your silverware too. the food looks so good! i think i am going to make a version of that for lunch today. maybe break out the old panini maker.

  4. UHM best first meal ever! I'm coming to your place next time you making a meal ;)

  5. This looks incredibly delicious! Oh and those grill marks! Yum!!


  6. How exciting! I'm with everyone else, looks yummy. I for one make use of our panini press all the time.

  7. Oh, I've been dying for a panini press! So good to hear you got deservedly spoiled at your shower. Your china and silverware is so timeless and elegant. Perfect for everyday!

  8. That looks delicious! And so well plated! :D

  9. Beautiful china and silverware, timeless exquisite taste! And glad to hear that cleaning was a dream :)))

  10. Oh man, that looks insanely delicious, Yelle! I love the all-white dishes, as well. They remind me of a fancy restaurant!


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