Organization For The New Year

These past few weeks I've spent my free time organizing my life. Everything in our apartment is already pretty organized, enough for day-to-day operations. However, I'm all about making my life simpler, more efficient, and orderly from here on out. We've began to get rid of items we never use, giveaway doubles of the things we have, as well as shift things from cabinet to cabinet (the kitchen specifically), making the flow of the kitchen work better. 

We got this great cart for our tiny kitchen from Ikea in order to organize all of our new kitchen items. Since everything is brand new and beautiful, an open-shelf cart was the perfect way to show off our items while organizing them for usage. Right now we have mostly espresso + coffee equipment, a cheeseboard, and my one copper pot on the cart, with our gorgeous new cutting board sitting on top. We can take the cutting board away when we're entertaining and place the cheeseboard there, or even utilize the top as a bar cart for wine, beers, mixers, etc. 
Like most first apartments, ours was a culmination of his + hers brought together to make one very non-cohesive kitchen. When we thought about registering, it didn't exactly seem appealing to us until we realized we did need upgrades and that we did need a cohesive look. Our mission was to bring in more basics like the classic white pieces, standard stainless steel that goes with everything, and a bit of natural wood for a nice juxtaposition against the stark metal. 
We didn't want to get rid of color in the kitchen completely, so we figured we keep a few of our colorful pieces and use them as accents to the very neutral palette that it has become. My favorite accent color at the moment is pistachio, the color of my Kitchenaid mixer. I think it's going to be our kitchen accent color for a while. 
Surprisingly enough, our kitchen looks so much larger than it used to with all of our white and stainless steel items. If only we could paint our cabinets I'd be 10x happier with our kitchen, but we can't because we are renting. I so look forward to the day in which I can own a house and a kitchen that is all mine to do as I please. After all, I spend every morning and every night in the kitchen, it should be a beautiful little spot. 
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. Your kitchen looks lovely. I adore the hot plate holder!

  2. What a cute little peek!
    I have incredible copper-envy. Copper has always been a big favourite of mine!
    I've been thinking a lot lately (see: daydreaming) about my kitchen-to-be. When my contract ends, I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend, into a house that he will own! The house, and kitchen particularly, need a bit of customization. How best to combine our own personal styles, while still making function (and budget) of paramount importance has certainly been on my mind a lot. You make great points about neutral pieces being an important part of that balance!


  3. This is so quaint and organized, thanks for sharing!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. talk about the queen of organizing! i especially love your measuring cups on the stove, they are so cute!

  5. Those cups on top of your stove are so cute! Where did you get them?

  6. I'm loving the little cups and bowls on top of your stove! Precious! I'm following thanks to the Blog Hop! Can't wait to read some of your other posts!


  7. The kitchen cart is good looking and very practical, but I love love love the colored measurement cups next to the burner! And yes, I painted all my kitchen cabinets white in this apartment and loving every inch of it!

  8. i love that kitchen cart! cohesive, i swear it's something i am still struggling with in my kitchen. i think it's because i have a thing for kitsch and vintage and there's some good kitchen stuff that falls into those categories, i can't help but bring home random pieces from estate sales.

  9. Not being able to paint in a rental is one of the most frustrating things, isn't it? You really have to get creative, and you definitely did that here! Love the way your organized that kitchen cart, and the cups on top of the stove really add a lot to that space. Are those the mugs you made? Super cute.

  10. Your kitchen is adorable! The cart is a perfect solution to keep things organized and to display cute kitchen things.

  11. What a great idea to display some stuff on the cart.

  12. Love your kitchen and this kitchen ware. Thanks for follower.

  13. that's a nice collection of things, thumbs up on the trolly idea

  14. I hear you. We have practically the same cabinets from what I can see in your photos and I'm dying to paint them white but... we, too, are renters. I love your measuring cups :)

  15. What a beautiful coffee/espresso set up you've got there! What flavors of syrups do you have made?


  16. We go through our cabinets at least once a month (i.e. 12 mugs from our dining set - not sure who's going to be at our house drinking coffee all at the exact same time, but you never know) ;) You have a darling setup! Best of luck on the rest of the organization!


    Nook & Sea

  17. you have such a great blog! i love your organization :) i think its a new year thing i've been crazy organizing over here!

  18. Love love your coffee cart! I can't wait to be able to do all this fun stuff when I move out. I'll probably have a tea cart though.


  19. I love pops of color in the kitchen. That cart looks like the perfect thing for me for my studio actually. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm at IKEA. :)


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