Merry Making

A motto of mine, merry making. Winter is my favorite time of the year. I love wrapping up in bundles of layers, drinking tea to keep my fingers and bones warm, as well as feeling the cold wind on exposed cheeks. Mostly, winter reminds of me being a child, holidays, and of innocence. It is such a pure time of year when people are genuinely in better spirits. I love taking advantage of every minute of this holiday cheer. I love putting up decorations and burning spicy candles every chance that I'm home. I even adore scrolling endlessly through Pinterest's holiday boards to be constantly inspired.
Lately, I've been anticipating the arrival of the Christmas gift I asked S for, Sibella Court's latest book. I've had to sate my anticipation with the many other books of hers that I own.
This time of year we always listen to our vinyl records, old and new. I have so many wonderful Christmas albums like Frank Sinatra and choirs. It always puts me in a more spirited mood this the holidays! And you just can't beat the warm tones that come from a record. The radio's Christmas station just doesn't cut it.
Salut, Yelle


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