January Wedding

Only in Florida can a bride and groom have an outdoor wedding in January. My past weekend (and past few weeks in the office) were dedicated to this wedding. It was one that I was so looking forward to because of the amazing vendors that the bride and groom chose to work with. 
The bride and groom's ceremony was across the street from the museum at the lakefront under an old oak tree with branches that crept down to the grass. The timing was perfect because as the sun set it peeked through the branches spotlighting the bride and groom. I couldn't take any photos at that time because I was busy coordinating the bridal party for the ceremony itself, but I am so looking forward to getting the photos from the photographer on this wedding. He's someone we work with all of the time and he really captures beautiful images. 
As cocktail hour was happening inside our dinosaur exhibit, we made sure all of the reception details outside on the terrace were in place. I had one of those moments in which I realized how beautiful the view of downtown was, and how it could never get old at this time of day.
It was there on the empty reception terrace that me, my co-worker, and even the DJ all stopped to take photos of the gorgeous night, perfect for a wedding. 
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. wow, that is stunning. what a perfect evening for a wedding and a beautiful venue for it too! the terrace looks amazing with those twinkly strings of lights :)


  2. Those string bulbs are going to be a requirement at my wedding one day! So surreal to me to have an outdoor January wedding, but the bride & groom definitely got lucky with that sunset! xoxo

  3. Beautiful!! I love the lights strung over the tables! I love that cocktail hour was in the dinosaur exhibit!! So freaking cool!

  4. beautiful Yelle!

    and yes, good ole florida. You can even go to the beach in December!

  5. that last photo with the string lights and the sunset - wowzers, so pretty! i can't wait for a night like that here, i am officially over winter weather. xo

  6. So gorgeous. I need those lights at my wedding. <3

  7. I bet it was a wonderful, charming event! I went to a February wedding in my town some years ago, the bride made her way through 20 inches of snow :))

  8. wow! so lovely . . . the rooftop reminds me of the party scene in 500 days of summer ;)

  9. Beautiful! It looks like a wonderful evening:)

  10. Oh wow this is absolutely beautiful!

  11. What a great location to have a wedding ceremony. Great view!
    xo TJ

  12. That last photo is just breathtaking!!! Very pretty pics.


  13. What a gorgeous view! I love the deep red that y'all used.

  14. so smitten with this rooftop soiree... you did an amazing job :)

  15. I know exactly where this is and it's the perfect location for a reception! The last time I was at this place I desperately wanted to go on the deck and take shots of the down town skyline but they were setting up for an event and I didn't want to be a pain. Your photos are lovely.

    Btw, I went to go follow you and it seem that i already am, so I'm following you on Bloglovin and F/B as well.



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