What I'll Miss After Christmas

I hope that everyone enjoys their New Years eve and their New Years day as well. This year, like every year, I feel that December came and went so fast. I barely had time to drive around and look at Christmas lights on houses - one of my favorite things to do with S and a to-go cup of hot chocolate. I will, and already do, miss the little adventures that December brings. 
One thing that I had to show off from my December was this duo that arrived in the mail from a dear friend, Jen of Jennipho. In highschool, Jen was the one who taught me how to knit and the one I would have my craft days with. For Christmas she sent me the cutest crochet cup cozy with a cookie charm, as well as, be still my heart, this macaron ring. In the photo below I was enjoying a whiskey + ginger ale while hemming S's new pants from H&M. The cookie cozy was perfect for clutching the glass without touching the condensation - a bit of a pet peeve of mine. 
If you know me, you know my love of all things French - I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to All Things French. Jen made the cookie charm and this adorable + tiny macaron out of clay. She makes custom Dunny's too! So, if you ever want any crocheted or sculpted goodies, she makes and sells them in her Etsy shop
Another thing I love about this time of the year is all of the candles! Not only do I burn a ton of candles during the cooler nights, but people give plenty of them as gifts too! I honestly don't think any two of my candles are similar in scent, and I love every single one of them. Some new ones this year include "wild honeysuckle" that reminds me of growing up in New York since we had a honeysuckle bush on the side of the house, "tarot deck" which smells of pencil shavings + nostalgia, and of course Bath + Bodywork's  "Paris" candle which smells so fresh + reminds me of summer time. 
I love the hustle and bustle that this time of the year has. The shops and sidewalks are full of people, and everyone is in a good mood throwing out "Happy Holidays" with every breath. All of this movement must have aged me a bit this year because I found my first gray hair. At first I felt surprised and humorous, then I was kind of alarmed, and now I'm just hoping it's the only one I have for a while. But I definitely had to photograph it, being only 22 (almost 23!) with a stray gray. 
Decorations... holiday decorations around the house are some of the cheeriest things to come home to. Every year when I put the decorations away in January I feel a bit sad, knowing I have to wait 11 months to see these items again. There are plenty of items that I have started to keep out year round because I just can't seem to put everything in a box. Like our Christmas lights on the porch, I always end up keeping those out until mid-January for my birthday, but something always comes up and they end up staying up until March. And this dried-grapevine bird's nest, I bought it a few years ago for Christmas decor, but ever since, found a spot on a frame for it to hang all year long.
I realized that I never shared my new camera. It's a basic Nikon D3100 with the stock kit lens. I figured since it is my first DSLR that I would start with something basic and upgrade the lens next. I'm thinking 35mm or wide angle, but it doesn't really matter because that's not happening for a while. I'm happy with my new camera and it's stock lens!
Note the pastel green walls in my bathroom, inspired by Deyrolle of Paris. Anyway, I'm happy to be spending the holidays with family, using my camera as much as I can to document these moments that I always cherish.
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. I am putting away my holiday decorations as well and I have to agree, it is really saddening! Have a Happy New Year!

  2. I am putting away all holiday decorations, too, for a fresh and clean start! Happy New Year! xxx

  3. LOL @ your gray hair. I'm starting to see some in mine too. :( It's so depressing! That crochet cup cozy is the cutest thing!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year, Yelle! Excited for more blog posts in 2013!

  4. I have stray grays, too, and have since I was about your age (I just turned 27). If you're anything like me, they'll just keep coming! I'm hoping I eventually get a streak of white like Bride of Frankenstein, because that would be pretty badass.

    Happy New Year! :-)

  5. i know what you mean, it feels like i do so much prepping for the holidays and then they are suddenly behind me! today it is actually snowing and i am feeling a little revival of the holiday spirit. a wide angle lens is still on my wish list - i think i will have to send it from my christmas wish list to my bday one! happy new year!

  6. Great pictures and happy holidays! I've definitely been lugging my camera around trying to cherish every moment. Simply adore this post! Happy New Year! :)
    xo TJ

  7. We got the same camera :) YAY US!
    I think that little macaroon ring is adorable! LOVE!

    Happy New Year, girl!

  8. The macaron ring seriously kills me with its cuteness. Love it! Your friend is very talented. And I hope you had a wonderful NYE, Yelle! I'm so happy for you with your new camera, I can't wait to see what 2013 brings you! A wedding, for one! xo

  9. i love that sweater for your mug, what a sweet gift. and don't worry, i am definitely already graying too--just trying to embrace it. happy new year!

  10. Hope you have a wonderful 2013, Yelle! Love the macaron ring, so cute! :p

    And don't worry too much about gray hair, hehe, I've had them since I was a teenager :/.

  11. The ring and the knit cozy are both insanely cute... I love the giant knit bow on the cozy!!
    I'm also feeling as though December flew by in a whirl... it feels as though the entire month went by in the span of a week!! I like to think that 2013 just couldn't wait and made the remainder of 2012 go by super quick so it could just hurry up and be the new year! :-P
    And that tarot candle, oh that tarot candle. I've already told you on twitter how much I adore that tarot candle!


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