Weekend Recap @ Christmas in the Park

One of my favorite things about living in this city is all of the free events that our town has. There is such a sense of community here and I really feel like a part of it this time of the year. For being just outside of a major city in Florida, our city has such a small town feel. 
We have brick roads, family owned shops, community events, and beautifully kept parks. There's always something to do on the weekends, there's always a new restaurant that we have to try, and the streets and shops are full of people. 
This community event happens every winter, and for me, it really kicks off the holiday season. Christmas in the Park is when the small museum up the block puts its collection of Tiffany windows in the park, lights them up, and choirs ranging in age sing Christmas carols on the stage. People bring blankets, hot cocoa in mugs, bottles of wine, candles for their night picnic, and their families to enjoy it all with. 
As usual, it was beautiful albeit crowded. The city blocks off a portion of the brick road, police officers patrol on horseback, the shops extend their hours, and the restaurants extend their seating onto the sidewalks. 
There is a historical house + property just north of the festivities that hosts an event as well. They boast hot cocoa, cookies, and Santa for the kids. The rooms in the house are all decorated for the holidays, and the outdoor patio is lit up with market lights strung across the courtyard.
This week I have a few days off after spending the weekend with family. I'm going to spend it planning our road trip to up north! We're going to stop at a few places including Pennsylvania  New Jersey, and even Manhattan! It's so strange having a few days off now that I am done with classes. The best is how I have enough time to catch up on some reading, as well as some TV shows! I plan on getting a little farther in Game of Thrones since I just finished Blog, Inc. And as for TV, there are plenty of Dexter episodes I have to watch before I can see the finale that everyone was posting about last night! You'll find me with my new road atlas in one hand today, a cup of jasmine tea in the other, and Dexter playing in the background.
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. Have fun and enjoy your days off. Happy Holidays :)

  2. I am so jealous of your road trip! Driving is definitely my favourite way to travel, and I have been wanting to do a cross-america road trip for... forever. I've actually driven to Florida from Ontario twice, though I was a kid at the time, and stopping in Salem to go Whale watching and going to the Corning glass museum were my favourite stops. I was a nerdy nerdy child (and totally never forgave my dad for not taking me to the witch museum in Salem! I'll have to go back some time.)


  3. Looks like your city goes all out for the holidays. I love that! Looks like a merry night of festivities.

  4. ooh, dexter was a good one! after watching sooo much tv while working on my orders i feel like i need a brain cleanse. but i have yet to watch all my favorite holiday movies - poor me ; )

    i love these photos and you do live in such a unique little town. i DO hope i get to visit that way someday but, you were right, you will most definitely visit here before then! i hope you do, i'd love to take you to a place or two.

  5. These photos are great! I love the street lights and the tiffany windows! Your town looks absolutely amazing!

  6. Oh a winter road trip sounds so awesome! Especially since you are going up north and getting the chance to really get in the holiday spirit. I think you can only do so much here in Florida to make it feel like Christmastime. 80 degrees a week before Christmas?

  7. These photos are so pretty! I'm glad you had such a good time. Your road trip plans sound so good too! xo


  8. This pictures are stunning, love the vibe they give me


  9. Girl! These pictures are gorgeous!
    Reading about all these Christmas activities makes me giddy :)


  10. Love the pictures. I watched about 9 episodes of Dexter season 5 yesterday since I was off work, finally getting closer to catching up! Haha that show is addicting. I hope you have a fun trip!

  11. You're right. One of the best parts about the holidays are all of the people coming together. That's awesome they bring in those windows and a choir! Looks like a fun time.

  12. Beautiful!! Is there anything better than historic brick buildings with twinkling lights? Happy Holidays!


  13. I don't think I realized you were in FL Yelle. Beautiful pictures (especially loving the first and last). Hope you enjoy your trip up to The Northeast!

  14. I love Tiffany windows, what an adorable idea to hang them in the park and backlight them. It feels especially more romantic given the orchestra and all those moody Christmas lights! It's so funny that you live in a climate where this kind of outdoor celebration is still possible this close to Christmas!

  15. Your city looks very Christmas-y! Love it ;)

  16. These photos are so beautiful.


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