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I love a good office, as in: windows, lots of sunlight, some plants, photobooth pics of lovely coworkers, a wonderfully open boss, and a marvelous event planning system. Being quite new to office culture, I have picked up a few new tips that I have had to make note of in the reporter moleskine that I carry around with me everywhere.
For today, I thought I'd show you what our events office looks like at the museum while I list some of the things I've learned. These things relate mostly to an office setting, not specifically to just an events setting. I've been in this office setting for almost a year now, so I definitely feel like I have improved since then!
Some lovely things in our office include the amazing lime-green wall behind my desk. My boss picked out this paint color and I seriously think it adds a brightness to everyday! We also have tons of left overs from events past like that succulents centerpiece that I posted about before.
I also adore our view. We have three circular windows in our office that let in so much light. It's so nice to work with a view of the clouds. There's also the inexpensive/inspirational mugs that I've brought in to hold my pens and pencils that were a gift to me from my brother-in-law to be. 
Now, somethings I have learned while working in the events department of a museum...
Things to note in a contemporary office setting:
  • Always Reply to All to an email, it's common courtesy. This is something that I had no idea about when I first started professionally contacting clients, vendors, and even employers. For me, the best way to address this issue was to simply make Reply to All my go-to reply button, so that even if there was no one else CC'ed on something, all of my bases were covered. I made it second nature.
  • Read all of your emails before responding to any of them, and before even asking questions. I am still guilty of this to this day. I just get so curious, eager, and I have a penchant for crossing things off my to-do list. So if I answer an email immediately, that's one less thing I have to worry about! Until of course I come across the other 5 emails regarding that email. 
  • Double check that you've attached the file that you said you had attached. It's happened to me so many times that I've sent an email in which I said I attached an invoice/photo/diagram and it turns out, it in fact was not attached. It's not the end of the world, but I always feel so green when that happens to me.
Salut, Yelle


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  1. great tips--and what a fun perk to benefit from event leftovers to have around the office

  2. I'm totally guilty of doing no. 3. Like... a lot. Whoopsie! :) at least it's nice to know there are others out there who do the same. Goodness help us if we ever need to email attachments to each other!!! P.S. Thanks for giving us a peek into your office!

  3. I love everything about this! We have matching coffee cups (the typewriter one, we both love dinosaurs, and i have those yellow flowers in my kitchen! awesome!
    You're office must look amazing! :D


  4. I love how cheery and bright your office is! But I would definitely caution against using Reply to All as a go-to, there have been some really disastrous results in my office from someone unthinkingly clicking Reply All and sending the original sender something really personal and not meant to be seen by everyone else on the email. At my old job, the CEO even Reply All'd an important client when he meant to just email our SVP, and the client found out what a pain in the ass everyone thought he was. Reply All with caution!

  5. "Reply all" is definitely an important one to remember...and to remember NOT to use when necessary, as Erin above mentioned. (Yikes!)

    Also, if you use Gmail, it automatically notifies you if you forgot to attach a file, but ONLY if you use the word "attached" in your email. So, if you write, "I attached my resume!" (but didn't actually attach your resume) a pop-up will appear saying, "Did you mean to attach something?" Pretty brilliant.

    Google labs also has a way to "undo send" if you realize you accidentally sent an email to the wrong person, notice a typo, etc. It only works for a few seconds until it reaches the other person's inbox, but it's come in handy for me SEVERAL times.

  6. That wall color bursts out with pure energy!

  7. You are definitely blessed in the office department! My office has NO windows and the ugliest curtains you've ever seen in your life that attempt to hide the filing cabinets.

  8. I have reply all phobia! have you seen this commercial? - that is my worst nightmare.

    i love that you keep you little terrarium in your office, it goes perfect with the wall color! and you view is amazing!

  9. Gorgeous pictures!

  10. Great tips, and loving that lime. Also how fun is it that you work at a museum. totally fits you!


  11. Very good tips, and I'm wildly jealous of your office aesthetic! Need a mini dino terrarium right away.


  12. So wonderful to work in such a fun office. My office is a bit more traditional and a bit more *yawn* booooooringg.

    Also, I'm totally guilty of responding to the first e-mail without reading through all the others first. Learning as we go.... :)

  13. Great idea for a post. For attachments I've gotten in the habit of including the phrase "please see attached". That way I know the reader will see the attachment and gmail warns me if I forgot to add the attachment.

  14. What a colourful office! All the yellow sue must help keep you cheery :)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  15. That yellow colour is like a bit of sunshine in the office, brilliant! Would love to work in such an office, at which museum are you working?

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

  16. I'm so jealous that you work in a museum... and I LOVE that dinosaur skeleton terrarium! Adorable!

  17. Hi! Thanks for commenting over on my blog, so I can hop over here and see your lovely pictures! I'm so following now, I love me some good eye candy, and your pics are brilliant and beautiful!

  18. your office is cute! I have done that file attaching thing so many times. I feel so stupid every time! Great tips :)

  19. Gahhhh, your blog is so freaking cute!!! :) you have such a cute office, that mug is adorbs!!

  20. I love these tips, and the pictures are stunning! :)

  21. These are all such great tips! I especially need to pay attention to your second suggestion about reading through all emails before responding to any of them. More than once an issue has been resolved but I didn't realize because I had only read the first email.., so I end up wasting time and looking like a bimbo when I send out a reply that doesn't make sense. Haha. Great post overall - sometimes it helps to actually identify these things so that you can consciously do it the right way.

    Love your blog, and thanks for commenting on mine. I can't wait to read more, I'm definitely intrigued by that past post on succulents!


  22. ha! these are all mistakes i have made! also, hitting reply all before you know the back story is also bad.... :)

  23. I love your blog so much! First of all, your office is awesome. Second, these are AWESOME tips! I am going to have to tell my husband some of these for his office life! :)


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