DIY Wreath from Christmas Tree Scraps

Growing up, I always had a real Christmas tree and the best part about it was the smell of fresh balsam fir in the house. It's the one smell that always brings me back to Christmas + winter. Among others such as burning fire wood and my mom's flan baking for dessert. 

These past few years I've been living on my own and in order to retain the same nostalgia every year, I've been burning balsam fir candles. And yet, it is never as potent as the Christmas trees growing up.
So this year, S and I finally decided that since we love the smell of fresh fir so much, and we already have an artificial tree, we might as well get a fresh fir wreath. We set out to the road side merchant to purchase a wreath for our home. We get there just in time to find out that they have sold the last of the wreaths and won't be getting another shipment in for a few days. Instead of waiting, we did what every other crafty couple would do: we asked to buy some of the tree scraps to make our own! The merchant was so kind and let us take a box full of scraps with us for no cost.
We set ourselves up on our balcony with the box of scraps, a scissor to trimming, and a spool of twine to make our DIY wreaths. We took the pliable scraps and tied them together with twine, our hands sticky from the fresh sap. S and I each made our own, one for inside and one for outside so that at all times we could smell fir, reminiscent of Christmas trees in my childhood. 
We listened to one my favorite Christmas vinyls, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. Last year, that was one of the only things that I  wanted for Christmas. I usually only came across a vinyl of "Waltz of the Flowers" or "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" but I wanted the entire concerto. S found it and gave it to me last year on Christmas morning, and as happy as I was to have it, I was disappointed that I would have to wait a whole year before I could listen to it in the spirit. While we made our wreaths it was the perfect occasion to play it. 
I've been sporting new glasses lately, and I really love them. I never thought I would be the type to adore tortoise shell glasses, but I can't get enough of how studious they make me look! These aren't a pair from the lot I tried for my wedding day glasses on this post, but they are fun for now! 
Do you want to help me win a gift card for our wedding bands? I entered a contest with this ring company that I love called Minter + Richter. The contest was to pin a board inspired by one of their rings. We love their titanium and deer antler ring, so I made a Pinterest board based off of it and you can see that board here. To vote for my board you have to:
That's it! Voting ends on December 21st! I hope that you want to help me win this contest, it would make me so happy. I have been eyeing these rings since I first met S. If you do vote for me, please comment letting me know so that I may personally thank you!
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. So I absolutely love your porch! The cloth is such a great touch! I adore reading your blog, its just has so much inspiration!

    I also repinned your board! I hope you win! :D


  2. Those glasses look great on you! And being a lifelong Northeast-er, my first thought at the shot of S in short-sleeves on your balcony was, "Where is his coat!?" haha. You two are so smart to decide to craft your own wreath. Nothing beats the smell of real fir, right? I wish I could bottle it up.

  3. I love those glasses! Of course, I like the black ones too, but these are kind of snazzy. And the fabric on your balcony looks great! The weather is too crappy here for something like that, unfortunately.

  4. I love this wreath idea and wish I had thought of it before I threw away our tree scraps! Voted for you. Hope you win. :)

  5. I really like your glasses. They look great on you! I love the wreath too! If Christmas wasn't in 6 days, I'd definitely make one. I'm headed to vote for you right now!! Good luck :)

  6. What a lovely all-natural wreath, listening to the Nutcracker really inspired you! PS: the glasses are so cool, perhaps you can add them to the wedding list :P

  7. okay, i think i followed the the rules and I HOPE YOU WIN!! i like your glasses too, i think they look great with your dark hair. pretty pretty.

    i usually do the same thing since i have my fake tree, but this year i have not : ( but it really doesn't feel quite like christmas without that lovely scent in the air. and i still love your balcony so much!

  8. Lovely tutorial! I love your glasses too! I just got a pair last week, I really wanted to try to get a tortoise shell design, but ended up getting black frames instead. Your fishbowl terrarium caught my eye too! Such a pretty porch you have! good luck on the contest!

  9. I've seen these DIY wreaths around for a while on pinterest, and yours look great! Sounds like a fun time while listening to vinyls too.

  10. Ya know, sometimes I wish I had bad vision so I could wear cute glasses like that. You are adorbs.

  11. This is so pretty and special, a wonderful idea :)

  12. Looks like you guys did a great job(and enjoyed doing it). And the new glasses look great!

  13. That is such a great idea! So natural and pretty!

  14. I love how it turned out! So beautiful for the holiday season :)
    xo TJ

  15. Your wreath is gorgeous! I love the smell of Christmas trees too. We got a real one this year for the first time since we were both kids, and it's made the whole house smell so nice. Oh, and I love your balcony lights too! :)

  16. Hi Yelle! I am loving this idea of the branch scrap wreath. I can never get enough Xmas tree smell, so I will give this a whirl next year!
    I hooked you up with a vote for your wedding bands! I'm on the lookout for a wedding band for my guy too, and I really like that deer antler one. :)
    Good luck!

  17. What a great idea! I would love to do that because there are plenty of pine trees around here to just snip off a branch but buying wreaths are difficult and expensive! Thanks for the idea!

  18. That is such a lovely idea, sadly though, as my christmas tree this year is only 10 inches tall it has no branches to spare! It looks beautiful though, very fresh x


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