DIY Gift Tags + Happy Hanukkah!

Today is the first evening of Hanukkah! Being that S is Jewish, we are lucky enough to celebrate both holidays in winter! This typically has me on top of holiday decor, gift buying, and gift wrapping earlier than most of my friends + family. So, I had to get a start on making gift tags in time for this weekend!
On this post here I wrote about my new typewriter, given to us by S's grandmother. I decided it needed to be put to work, so I made gift tags with it! 
All you need is:
  • cute printed paper or journal paper
  • typewriter 
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • + ribbon to tie

This journal was a gift from a friend a little while ago. It's one of those journals too cute to use! I mostly use it for sweet notes because it's paper is so charming! It's from the brand Boy Girl Party and has so many different prints inside of it, perfect for making small crafts with.
These gift tags are super colorful and bold and with the ribbon, could even be hung on the Christmas tree that year! Last year for gift tags I still used a typewriter, but instead of this cutesy print I used stoic index cards with photo corners. They looked great on my newspaper wrapping paper that year! 
Now that we are full force into December, all of our weekends will be dedicated to family time. We already have a list for every day off of who we are going to see. Many festivities like a celebratory dinner, Hanukkah dinner, as well as an early Christmas dinner planned. We have a bit of a great holiday planned, and I will definitely update everyone on that as it gets closer!
This semester is also coming to a close which is such a lovely relief. I am so looking forward to my last semester next year! Next spring 2013 I will be taking the most revered classes like history + culture of wine, international events, and fairs + festivals. No more accounting classes or communications, all electives here on out! And then come May, I will be receiving my Bachelor's degree in Event Management, as well as getting married! With so much to look forward to this upcoming year, I am so happy that I have a wonderful new camera + this supportive blog to document it all!
Also, I feel like I have had a lucky charm on me lately. I've been winning so many giveaways since I started blogging, and this past weekend, I won the drawing for a gift card to my favorite antique market! I can't wait to use the gift card, and when I do, I promise to share photos of that lovely shop with you. This time of the year it is decorated so beautifully and there are so many gems + treasures to be had.
Tonight, my dad is visiting so I am planning to take him to our favorite restaurant in town with the fire oven pizza + bone marrow crostini that I posted about here. I hope everyone's evening is as delicious as mine is about to be!
Salut, Yelle


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  1. Hey, this is really lovely. I like the prints of that journal, too. They go so well with the typewriter print. Very artsy! :)

  2. These are SO PRETTY!! I love the different papers, and the typewriter print looks so perfect with it. Great tags!

  3. What a great idea! That's so awesome that you get to celebrate both holidays :-D

  4. What a pretty and personal idea!

  5. Happy Hanukkah! those are so sweet! i love them. you really are making me want a typewriter. i am soooo excited to see all the big events happening for you in the next year. (especially the wedding!) xoxo

  6. Great idea! I've always wondered what I should do with those little stationary, that I felt were to pretty to just use as notepads :)

  7. Oh I love this idea! And I love your Royal typewriter. Looking forward more thoughtful DIY projects :)

  8. This is such a wonderful idea, Yelle, I'm surely pinning it! Brilliant!

  9. love those cards, cute! i love your creative idea xx

    Letters To Juliet

  10. You have such an adorable blog! Following you on Bloglovin now ♡

  11. These are lovely, such a adorable idea!


  12. That is a great personal touch! I can't believe you match tags and paper! That is amazing, seriously, thats great you put so much effort into it :)!

  13. Lovely idea!! Very pretty.


  14. This is such a cute idea! Now I wish I had a typewriter! Happy Hanukkah!
    Sincerely, Sara

  15. OHHHHH I love that you used a vintage typewriter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Happy Hanukkah! I was a bad Jew yesterday and celebrated the first night by decorating my Christmas tree :\ Love your gift tags! And your nail polish color. Pretty inky blue.

  17. Thanks for the comment! Love the typewriter :)

    <3 Aimee

  18. its so great to see hanukkah getting a shoutout in the blog world--and love your lovely little gift tags/cards :)

  19. great idea. lol. i knew i should have kept my old blue typewriter.

  20. Aw, these are so sweet! We plugged in our printer (after first wrangling it out of the storage closet) only to find out that it was out of ink. Oh well. I like your idea better.

    Nook & Sea

  21. That's a lovely typewriter! Beautiful.

  22. So cute!


  23. So adorable! Thanks for sharing, bookmarking it now :) xx

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  24. How cute are these! I want to make some! I really like things like this because they are not your typical cookie cutter thing!


    Nina from!

  25. I am so jealous of your typewriter....These are adorable!! =)

    Happy Holidays!


  26. this is a great idea! I have the same owl journal, but I've already used it all :-)


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