Christmas Day in Philadelphia

I hope that everyone had the most wonderful Christmas eve and day! Since we've been traveling we spent Christmas in Philadelphia and got to experience Christmas morning with little kids around. I haven't done Christmas morning with presents from Santa in a very long time, and it's always something else to see kids light up over the largest castle and even the littlest puzzle pieces. 
We arrived in Philly on Christmas eve and experienced our first drive in the snow. We both grew up in the north so we have been in the snow, but we have lived in Florida since being able to drive so we have never driven in it. The rain in Virginia turned into snow when we hit Delaware and Pennsylvania. It was kind of special to unpack the car and great family with snow sticking to our shoulders.
There was even just a bit of snow left on the ground the next day so that we walked around the neighborhood and make tiny snowballs after opening presents in the morning. We opened our gifts to each other before our vacation, but Santa thought of us too so we were able to open a few thoughtful gifts with the kids.
Now we are looking forward to enjoying the company of family even more while we play tourist. We have plans to visit a few museums in the area, some with the kids like the Academy of Natural Sciences and the Franklin Institute, and some without the kids like the Mutter Museum. Hoping that it will snow again as we explore the inner city!
If you know of a place in Philadelphia that I would like, definitely let me know! Right now I'm relying on S and his previous visits experience. As for NYC, we have Sibella Court's Stylist Guide to NYC to take us to the best shops for when we stop in Manhattan. Definitely going to have to stop by Zabars in the morning to stock up on coffee and have breakfast. I am so looking forward to that; it's such a special tradition with our family.
Adieu, Yelle


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  1. Hello! I live near Philly now, though I don't get to visit it nearly enough. My mum came to visit from the UK and as she likes art we downloaded the Mural Arts app and printed out their map and did a self-guided tour of the murals in Philly ( On the way you can also stop by Macy's and see the traditional light show.

    I also like to visit the Betsy Ross house which gives a slightly different perspective to all the US history you can find in Philly.

    1. We are heading to NY this week just to see all the store windows :)

  2. You're in my city! I live here :) Have for my entire life, and I'd love to give you some tips on places to go! How long are you here for?? If you haven't already, walk around Rittenhouse Square, all the best restaurants and shops circle around the perimeter. Have lunch at Tria, on 18th and Sansom, shop at Anthropologie across the street, and wander around Rittenhouse with a big cup of coffee or tea from La Colombe on 19th and Walnut.

    Definitely go to Macy's on Chestnut (between 12th and 13th) and watch the light show, it's a looong tradition and will definitely tug at your heart strings. If you have time, go to the Art Museum on the Parkway and also the Rodin, just down the street. They're both right near the Franklin Institute and the Academy of Natural Sciences (I wish I'd known you were heading there, I have a groupon for 2-for-1 admission! haha). Email me if you want and I'll send you my cell number, you can call/text for suggestions if you need! Have fun!!
    Enjoy! And hope your Christmas was sweet. xo

    1. OH, also! Don't know how I could've forgotten! Check out Parc, my favorite French bistro (I instagram it all the time :) right on Rittenhouse Square, on 18th street. Go for a quick glass of champagne and a cheese plate. You'll LOVE it!

  3. What a cool pop up book! You must visit Terrain (owned by Urban outfitters). I don't know if they're opened today, but i've always wanted to visit their store. I'm sure they're having a sale!

  4. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas!! Have fun in Philly and NYC!! If you like Alice in Wonderland, there's a cute restaurant called Alice's Tea Cup in NYC. Actually, there's three of them -- two on the east side and one on the west. Also, there's an exhibit going on in the Armory on the east side (I think 68th and Park) where there are giant swings inside. I myself can't wait to go!


  5. Such beautiful pictures! I haven't been to either of those cities but I'm excited to see what you get up to there!

    xx Ellie 

  6. Thanks for your comment! :) Happy holidays over in Philadelphia!!

    <3 Aimee
    DIY Blog:

  7. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I got to be around my two young nieces and it was fun to see them get excited about making cookies for santa on Christmas Eve.

    xo erica

  8. So glad to hear you had such a lovely Christmas! I, too, had the chance to spend the holidays with a little one (18 months) - seeing him help unwrap presents was so exciting! Kids on Christmas really are the cutest little things. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  9. Sounds like a great Christmas! Happy Holidays :)

  10. Very nice pics, Have a great day.


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