Antique Market during the Holidays

This has been a lucky year for me! Ever since I started blogging I've won may giveaways, online and in person! This past weekend I was visiting my favorite antique market, Adjectives, and as I was purchasing a few gifts for friends and family, they suggested I enter in their raffle. Now, it's only since I've started blogging that I've gained this "What do I have to lose?" mentality. And it has truly paid off because there are so many lovely things that I wouldn't have had if I had not taken a chance.
I won a gift card back to this lovely store and I just had to take some photos of the place. The large shop is sectioned off into booths, and each booth is a different vendor. These antique vendors really have an eye for style. Not only do they have wonderful treasures, but they have them placed so perfectly.
I definitely picked up some gifts for friends and family during the holidays! So many cute items that I can't name off here because they might come across this post!
Not only does this shop have really great antiques, vintage pieces, and rustic decor, there are also pieces turned practically into art. I love this galvanized gasoline can turned into a lamp. 
There's a great assortment of kitchen gadgets here as well. Two things that I love combined into one: kitchen equipment and vintage goodies. I love this copper of set of serving ware. It would go perfectly with my copper pot that I already have. There was also a copper watering can, so classic and I can see it lasting through many lifetimes. 
Of course, this isn't for the faint of heart, but ever since S and I went to Paris two years ago, we've had a love of taxidermy insects. We visited an old taxidermy shop in Paris called Deyrolle. If you know me in person, you'll certainly have heard me talk about it before. I adore that shop so much I have illustrations and photographs of the shop all over the apartment. My bathroom is even painted a pastel green with brown accessories as an homage to my favorite shop, Deyrolle. Deyrolle sparked our inherent curiosity and ever since we've collected insects. Last time I counted, we had 40 insect specimen, including butterflies, moths, and beetles. 
This shop has a vendor that mounts taxidermy insects and as soon as I won the gift card, S said "I see a bug in our future." We have already purchased one from this delightful wall of creatures, a walking stick! My favorites are the beetles, and as much as I would love another beetle, I was hoping to add something new to our collection like the scorpion or leaf bug. I'm thinking this week we'll take a visit together to pick out a new insect to add to our collection. Now that exams are over (finally!) I have time to myself to simply shop and catch up on visiting my favorites places in town, like this one.  
This shop also has a vendor with a "shop" called Paris Market. They sell many vintage clothes and accessories and candles that smell as beautiful as Anthropologie. 
From the knick-knacks to the large displays, this shop is so well done. I could spend hours in this maze of a store, getting lost in its wares and the atmosphere that has been created. The design is stunning in every inch.
If you are ever in the area I do hope that you make a visit to this lovely shop! With wares hand made soap, milk paint, taxidermy insects, and rustic decor, there's something for everyone here!
Today I'm off completely with nothing to do. It's rare that I have a weekday with nothing! Classes are over for the time being and I go back to work tomorrow. It's raining today so I think instead of hitting the town, I'll make too much coffee and catch up on all of the books that I've had to put down in order to study this semesters worth of textbooks. 
Salut, Yelle


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  1. That is a lovely place for reals! Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh man, this place looks awesome!! There are tons of antique stores in my area, even some with multiple vendors, but none of them have as much variety at this place. If I ever make it out to Orlando (admittedly, I want to go to Disney. I don't care how old I am, I haven't been since I was 8!), I am hitting this place up for sure!
    Happy to hear your exams are over and done with, now have a good day catching up on rest and fun stuff :)


  3. This place looks amazing! And how lucky are you winning all these giveaways :) I feel like I enter a million a day and still, nothing! lol! Have a great day off and break from school!

  4. What a wonderful store! I love how your photos capture the spirit of the place. I feel like I am right beside you, treasure hunting!

  5. That place is so cool! I wish we had something like that. The antiques places around here are like...I don't know. Kind of grandma in the not-good way.

  6. That place looks awesome, I'd love to go there! How fun! xxx

  7. Whoa! what a cool place! I love all those rustic decor pieces! I'll definitely have to check this place out one day when I go back to Orlando (which seems so often these days)

  8. I wish I was close enough to visit Adjectives! It's so lovely. I love places like that. Thanks for sharing all the great photos.


  9. oh my gosh this looks amazing. what lovely items! I wish I could shop there!

    Lady à la Mode

  10. Yeah... that shop looks pretty much amazing. I would go broke shopping in there! It would be worth it though :) I have to admit, I'm beginning to like the clean, detailed look of taxidermy insects as well... You may be on to something!

  11. As an ameuter entomologist, I am super jealous of the wall of bug mounts! I want them all!!

    And oh my gosh, that looks like an amazing antique store. It is so beautifully curated!

  12. So beautiful! Amazing colours and textures!

  13. Oh my gosh I LOVE those taxidermied insects!!! I try to snag one when I found them, but THAT is quite the goldmine.
    Great pics!

  14. This place looks amazing (even the taxidermy insects). I hope you carry that good luck into 2013!!

  15. Oh those butterfly frames! I would die to have a wall full of them.

  16. such great photos! i just went to a local vintage market by my house and took a lot of photos too : ) it's set up the same way with lots of different vendors and each space is like it's very own little shop. this one looks really lovely. i love those metal letters. xoxo

  17. Ooh that wall of taxidermied insects is so beautiful! That's exactly where I'd head too if I got a free shopping spree. Congrats on that, by the way!

  18. What a cool store....great photos....makes me want to go Christmas present shopping!

  19. Wow, I'm swooning about those insects... I wish there was a place like that near here! So many beautiful choices.

  20. Looks like a wonderful store, I love antiques!

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

  21. Wow! With that kind of luck, you should really buy some lotto tickets. ;)

    That store looks like a lot of fun to explore. They have a little bit of everyting!

  22. Can't believe you won a gift certificate to this place!! This store looks like a freaking dream. Make sure to post pictures of your little taxidermy bug you choose!

  23. That shop looks so awesome! I absolutely love finding treasures like that. :)

  24. That place has so many amazing treasures! I need to find a place like that near me! I also have started signing up for giveaways with the same "might as well try" mentality and I've won quite a few times now. Yay for good luck!

    I'm a new follower! If you want to follow me back that would be amazing!

  25. That looks like the kind of place I can get lost in for hours. :)

  26. Amazing store! I love going antique shops and just spending the entire day there. Trying on clothes, playing with old cups and's my fav.

  27. Great shots and beautiful items. Thanks for sharing them, I love your blog too by the way :-)
    Fiona from

  28. All those photos are gorgeous!



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