Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins + Thanksgiving Traditions

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! I always look forward to feasting on the traditional Thanksgiving food, as well as trying new ones as well.  In recent years, when my family has hosted Thanksgiving among friends and family, my father makes the usual turkey, gravy, stuffing, and predictables, and then he adds a curve ball. On the menu recently was a rabbit stew simmering in the crock pot all day, as well as a roast goat. My father is never afraid to experiment or try something once, which is where I must get my fearlessness from. He's mentioned before how he wishes one year he could proudly lay out a rack of lamb ribs, fit with the little white chefs hats on the bones and everything. What a sight it would be. Perhaps, when S and I finally adopt Thanksgiving for our own, we'll make a special treat for my dad. Of course, I will definitely be utilizing my beloved French copper pot for any Thanksgiving meals I will be making in the future. Stove top to table display in a picture-perfect instant. 
I also have a recipe for you today. I adapted this recipe for Pumpkin Muffins from the Pioneer Woman to include dried cranberries, which I had in my pantry, instead of her suggested raisins! 
Not only do you get a taste of this treat that I made for myself on a weekday before an event, but you get a taste of my photographs to come! The copper pot was shot with my Minolta film SLR (note the light leak), but the muffins were shot with my new Nikon DSLR. I am still using many images that I have from my old cameras for some blog posts as I fade out all of the images that I already took. By December, all images will most likely be from my Nikon DSLR!
I learned how to style beautifully and edit vibrantly by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. She is such an inspiration for bloggers, photographers, and women in general. Although I don't aspire to be a shop owner like she is, I  so much admire her drive and ambition.
I feel that these photos truly represent me. The muffins are made on a whim with ingredients in my pantry. I often find myself craving some home made baked goods, and more importantly, craving a wonderful scent coming out of the oven. The plate was given to me by my mom, an old chintz pattern. The dessert fork is an Italian dessert set of spoons and forks that were a gift from an Italian neighbor who brought them back from a trip to Italy. I adore those utensils, they are so fantastic and vintage and the bit of Italian gold really makes me feel close to my roots.
I am really adoring all of these Food Network shows based on entertaining and Thanksgiving dinner! I rarely watch television, but when I do it's usually a cooking show which always inspires me for entertaining. This week, all of the best cooking and entertaining shows are on the air! I'm off to enjoy more shows about my favorite holiday while I whip up that batch of biscotti!
Salut, Yelle


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  1. Yup, this adorable table setting is definitely you! The vintage plate from your mom is such a beauty:) Have fun tomorrow, your home chef dad must have a little surprise up his sleeve...

  2. Love your presentation. (I'm going to check out that blog!)

    I enjoy the Food Network too. Especially during holidays.

  3. oh! you just reminded me to watch foodnetwork for the next 24 hours. it's kind of fun having it on in the background while i clean and cook all pre=thanksgiving day. that copper pot is gorgeous! and you photos are so fantastic with your new camera. and i would have replaced those raisins too! much love and warm wishes for your thankful day!

  4. How cute are you? This pics are so warm and cozy. Makes me want to take a bite! Yummm. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    Nook & Sea

  5. i think the photos look great Yelle!

    What nikon are you using?

    also, i love a beautiful mess!

    1. Hi Mary! I just bought a Nikon D3100 with the kit lens. :)

  6. What a beautiful post! Your photography is lovely, and it has inspired me to begin reading A Beautiful Mess.

    So lovely to hear of your Italian roots. We live in Sicily right now and LOVE it!


  7. Now I want to eat muffins! And I love your plates and copper pot!

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

  8. i've tried those muffins and they are amazing!!!

  9. Lovely photos. I really like the plates your muffin is on also.


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