Working Girl: Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Another quick meal, doctored up easily for an after work + after dinner treat! Pumpkin coffee cake is so delicious, I will definitely be indulging in some for breakfast too.

This working-girl recipe was so easy, my ingredients included:
  • a box of coffee cake mix (my brand was Krusteaz)
  • one 15 ounce can or pumpkin
As Ina Garten from Barefoot Contessa would say, "How easy is that?"
I layered half of the pumpkin cake batter, then cinnamon sugar, more pumpkin cake batter, topped with cinnamon sugar. I then swirled the cinnamon sugar into the batter a bit with a knife to make sure every bite was full of pumpkin + cinnamon deliciousness. 
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Salut, Yelle


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  1. Mmm, it must smell delicious, with the cinnamon and all!

  2. ooo, that looks good and so does your blog! xo

  3. That looks really amazing...I love coffee cake!

    1. I love coffee cake too! Adding some seasonal pumpkin sounded like a no brainer!

  4. Your photos are so wonderful. This looks absolutely amazing!! :)

  5. the pumpkin coffee cake looks delicious, ahh I love how it's pumpkin season right now :D

  6. YUM! I love pumpkin cake! I haven't made it yet this fall, maybe I should add it to my weekend baking :)

    1. It's s easy! Perfect for a weekend dessert, or even with some coffee in the morning :)

  7. Very inreresting recipe! Maybe I´ll try some day. Greetings

  8. Love that this recipe is so quick and easy! I may have to make that for Sunday dessert this weekend!

  9. I can practically taste it just by looking at it!

    xo Jennifer


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