A Tradition + A Wedding

Alas, we crossed one tradition off of our "Things to do this fall" list! We went to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin. I had all of these ideas of collecting various sizes and shapes and painting them in a bold and modern way. And then I found a gorgeous mint pumpkin!

As much as I love mini-gourds and to have those odd shapes in a cornucopia on my dining room table, I fell in love with this minty pumpkin and had to bring it home! 

The mint pumpkin has a home outside on my balcony along with the terrariums from a recent wedding that I worked. 
This particular wedding that I worked was quite a pleasure. The bride and groom chose the museum because they are both geologists/paleontologists! Their ceremony was in our dinosaur bones exhibit, and they got married between a T-Rex and a Triceratops. Their decor was simple, they let the terrariums speak for themselves. 
There were small terrariums with succulents and one dinosaur skeleton for the cocktail tables during cocktail hour. For the reception, each table had a large terrarium with an assortment of succulents and a few dinosaur skeleton toys in them. Each table had a different dinosaur species, which was the name of the table. The escort cards read the guests name, followed by their table name such as "Pachyrhinosaurus". 

I let the brides brother know how much I absolutely adored them (succulents + dinos all in one? Heaven for an event planner that works at a science museum!) and he said that the bride would want me to have one. So now they sit on my balcony, getting sun they need to dry the soil during the day, and getting the cool breeze they strive on at night. I had to leave the dinosaur toys in the terrariums, it's like my own  little ecosystem!
Also, you may have seen that I've changed my header and my buttons for the third (yes, third) time. I  feel that I am still finding my style, and owning a photoshop program is not helping my recent indulgences in typography and graphic design. But I promise, I'm really going to try to not make any more changes. At least for a while. Consistency is important to me! Have a great weekend!
Salut, Yelle


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  1. Photoshop is a slippery slope. Do you know how many headers I've gone through in the 1.5 years I've been blogging? I'm embarrassed to say! Don't apologize, your site looks great and you're having fun designing things!

    The terrariums are great, and I love that they got married in a museum surrounded by dinosaur bones! That's so cool.

  2. How unique that they got married at the museum. I've never heard of anyone doing that, but of course, I don't live near any museums lol! Your mint green pumpkin is so cute! Don't believe I've ever seen one of those. And your new header looks great! :)

  3. Holy cow, I wish I had been to the museum wedding as well! The skeleton dinosaur is the perfect compliment for the Halloween table! I've got a "mint" pumpkin as well and I don't know what to do with it :))

    1. I didn't even think about the dinos being perfect for Halloween!

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the muted colors. And those terrariums are to die for.

  5. Loving the terrarium, how unique!
    xo TJ

    1. I loved them too! I love any couple that isn't afraid to be unique!

  6. that is so, so, so cool. what a wedding to help plan! and how lucky for them that it was right up your alley. i looove the mint pumpkin, i recently got a pink one that is similar in shape. i think your blog looks really good but i am all for changing it up until you are completely satisfied. xo and have a great weekend!

  7. That terrariums is AMAZING! So cool. Thanks so much for stopping by! Love your cute blog + following now. Can't wait to follow along :D

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  8. what an unusual pumpkin! how cool! i do enjoy the pictures of all the pretty orange ones though :) x

    1. I agree! All of the orange ones looked too cute to pass up, so I definitely want to go back for a few of them :)

  9. Replies
    1. This was my first as well! I really like it!


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