Saturday Mornings

One thing I could never come to terms with about working in the salon industry before I switched to the events industry was having to wake up early on Saturday mornings. It wasn't even about having to wake up early - I'm an early bird and I could sleep in every other day of the week while working at the salon. It was about the fact that I was always working during the Saturday morning farmer's markets. It was the best day to wake up early, indulge in some coffee, and start the day early at the market. The fresh shopping and socializing started the weekend off right. And today I did just that. Even though my fellow event coordinator co-worker had to work tonight's event, we were able to walk the market and tents together this morning, have a mimosa at lunch, and she headed to work while I headed home for some cleaning/reading/cooking/assignments. It's the way it should be. Saturday mornings should consist of leisurely walks whether in my neighborhood or in the market. Either way, today was a perfect day. The assignments are done, my novel is open, the jazz radio station is tuned in, there's a glass of red wine by my side, and S is on his way home. 

Salut, Yelle


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