Flower Arranging

I have never been interested in flowers - until I started getting them from my S. When I received flowers from who is now my fiance, I always stuck them in a vase in the way they were wrapped up at the store. With time and noticing true flower arrangements, I realize, there is a scientific method to arranging flowers in vases. I use birthdays and anniversaries as my at-home flower arranging practice, and yet they never come out as perfectly propped as you see in glossy magazines like Better Homes and Garden. For me, when I see a nice table set with an arrangement casually laid out, I see a true hostess with effortless taste. However, I see now how difficult floral arranging truly is. I have yet to master the effortless table arrangement, but I have decided that a summer project of mine will be to take a flower arranging class. One of my favorite shows, Six Feet Under, takes place in a funeral home and of course flowers are a part of funerals. The wife/mother of Fisher & Sons funeral home takes a flower arranging class at a florist shop as a stress  release, and that is something that I could definitely see myself doing this summer.


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