Summer Afternoons

It is May, and summer is upon us. Summers here remind me of caprese open faced sandwiches with pesto, tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil on top. In summer, dishes with too many toppings, sitting heavy in your stomach, don't make much of an appearance in our house. A lovely crostini with fresh ingredients on top cool these summer afternoons and lay just right in our stomachs. Even better, pairing with a homemade soda like the strawberry basil soda we made for one of our picnics last summer. Anything too sweet or sugary doesn't make it on our plates when the weather reports boasts 90 degrees. However, pasta salads with olives, tomatoes, and fig vinaigrette fits our bill for every picnic. We put everything in tight mason jars so that nothing leaks in our vintage picnic basket. Summer is also the best time to take the entertaining to-go. With hot afternoons, nothing beats getting out of the air conditioned houses like a spot in the shade.

Salut, Yelle


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